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The Turkish government should immediately change its wrong policies in Syria


The Turkish government is insisting on the mistakes it has been committing in Syria over the past five years. The military operation against Jarablus, which was initiated by the Turkish Armed Forces with the pretext of fighting the ISIS, involves qualities that can deepen the war in both Syria and Turkey. Of course, Turkey should wage a more active struggle against the ISIS. Yet, Turkey’s target in the recently initiated operation is not the ISIS, but the Democratic Syrian Forces (DSG), who have been fighting the most effective struggle against the ISIS. Continue reading


Letter to Mr. Tusk, Mr. Juncker and Mrs. Merkel


To the President of European Council, Mr. Donald Tusk
To the President of European Commission, Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker
To the Chancellor of Germany, Mrs. Angela Merkel,

We have been closely following how war and conflicts taking place both in Middle East and Turkey affect Europe directly. The humanitarian devastation caused by war and tragedies occurring as a result necessitates an effective cooperation of international communities.
Particularly in fighting ISIL as well as similar terrorist groups and preventing the disasters that millions of people who were forced to become refugees go through, are problems that can be solved more easily by improving sincere co-operations of states and societies.
The unsolved Kurdish question and abandonment of negotiation process, followed by the return to the conflict and security concept again bring out a serious instability and extremely severe humanitarian price in our country. In this conflicted environment, serious human rights violations and unlawful arbitrary practices have become an almost routine policy of the government. Continue reading

We Condemn the Detention of Can Dündar and Erdem Gül


We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the detention in custody of Can Dündar and Erdem Gül, Editor in Chief and Ankara correspondent of the newspaper Cumhuriyet. They are now in prison accused of publishing reports concerning the supply of weapons by the Turkish government’s intelligence agency to groups in Syria. This development once again throws light on the current situation in Turkey:
Continue reading

Condolence Message from ‘Mouvement Anfass Démocratique’ on Suruç Massacre


Condolence Message from ‘Mouvement Anfass Démocratique’ on Suruç Massacre:
Dear comrades of the HDP / Turkey

We express our deep sorrow following the terrorist attack occurred at Suruc Turkey to the Young Socialists and that made thirty dead and a hundred wounded.

The AKP government is morally responsible, through its links with branches of radical Islam in Syria, including facilitating access to jihadists from other countries to Syria.

Le Mouvement ANFASS Démocratique / Morocco expresses its deepest condolences to the families of the victims and stands on the side of the Turkish Left, especially our comrades of the HDP, which fights against darkness on behalf of humanity.

Mounir Bensalah,

National coordinator
Mouvement Anfass Démocratique



Islamic State brutally attacked the internationalist youth group who met in Suruç on July 20. They had gone there to support the struggle for great humanity being waged in Kobani, and help rebuild the city.

As a result of this attack, 32 people were killed and over 100 people were injured. Although Islamic State has been held responsible for this attack, Turkey’s AKP Government, by resisting the taking of effective measures to prevent Islamic State and other reactionary forces, bears the real responsibility for these massacres of civilians.

Being part of the progressive international community, we hold it to be a historical duty for us to develop further cooperation against Islamic State (ISIL) and similar organizations. The Peace Bloc, in which HDP takes place as well, will organize a big march in Istanbul on July 26 in order to act in solidarity with peoples who are yearning for freedom and peace everywhere in the world, and particularly in the Middle East, in order to give a powerful response to Islamic State barbarism.

In this context, we invite everyone who believes in democracy and freedom to support our struggle for humane values against barbarity and Islamic State by participating in this march on July 26 in Istanbul.

Co-Presidents of HDP

Date: 26.07.2015, 4:00 pm
Place: Şişhane, Beyoğlu/İstanbul

HDP Statement on the Situation of Assyrians in Rojava

HDP7We strongly condemn ISIS’, one of the biggest threats to the freedom, living rights and democratic future of the Middle Eastern people, attacks against Assyrians.

The terrorist organization of ISIS, attacked about 35 Assyrian villages sided River Habur of Hesekê town in the early morning of February 23th. As a result of these attack 10 people, including Assyrian fighters and civilians had been killed and lots of houses and some churches had been burned down.

More than 3000 people deserted from the villages to Hasekê and Qamişlo towns. According to the London based SOHR, ISIS terrorists abducted more than 90 civilians that  most of them are women, children and elderly people.

However according to the local sources, after 4 days of attack more than 350 people had been abducted.

We are calling all regional forces and the coalition against ISIS to take every necessary measures within coordination in order to prevent Assyrians, one of the ancient peoples’ of this region, to face a massacre like in Shingal.

Hereby we would like to share again our call to international community to support YPG, the self defense force organized to protect our peoples from this kind of attacks in the future. We are inviting all the progressive forces of the region to raise solidarity with our Assyrian people on the basis of the connection between the liberation of Rojava Cantons and the peoples of the region.

We repeat our call for the immediate action to strengthen national and international coordination to save the abducted Assyriansnat once and to prevent these kind of situations. As HDP, we are kindly stating publicly that we will diplomaticly, humanitarian and politically monitor this process

Nazmi GÜR
HDP Vice Co-Chair Responsible for Foreing Affairs
26 February 2015

Our Mardin MP Erol Dora’s Statement About ISIS Attacks Against Assyrians

dora6Our Mardin MP Erol Dora’s statement about ISIS attacks against Assyrians in Rojava.

In his statement Dora reminded the ISIS attacks against Assyrian villages in Haseke city. He noted that YPG and armed Assyrian groups responded but at least 4 civilians slaughtered and churches and villages burned down by ISIS.

Dora said that about 2500 civilians took refuge to Hesekê and Qamişlo cities of Rojava and added that according to SOHR, 90 civilians, mostly women and children, abducted by ISIS and 1 Assyrian fighter martyred during the fight on February 8. Continue reading