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Co-chair Mr. Selahattin Demirtas’ speech on the massacre in Gaziantep


(Delivered at Diyarbakir Airport before Mr. Demirtas went to Gaziantep to visit families of the victims on August 21, 2016) 
This vicious attack is not the first atrocity that we have encountered or that has befallen us in our country. The bombings and mass murders that started with the June 2015 attack on HDP Diyarbakir rally and continued with the Suruç massacre went on in many cities of Turkey, causing many civilian deaths. Unfortunately, these attacks have virtually determined our political and social agendas and life over the last one and a half year.

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“And then he would end up just like Morsi” Öcalan had said


Öcalan had warned Erdogan about this matter a lot. “Tell him, he does not get it, he is acting like an idiot” Öcalan said. “By continuing the resolution process I supported him, if this process ends, the mechanics of coup would step in and he would end up just like Morsi of Egypt” he constantly warned.

Selahattin Demirtaş, co-chair of Peoples’ Democratic Party, defined the attempted coup as “the coup attempt of putchists against putchists” and added: “A clear attitude must be adopted against both pro-coup mindsets and the struggle must be stepped up because the coup mindset that tried to seize power through military forces using tanks and cannons is illegitimate and so is ruling the society through an election that takes place with war, violence, and bombing of the cities, it also is a civil coup.” Continue reading

Letter by HDP’s Co-Chairs to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon


Please find the letter of our Co-Chairs Ms. Figen Yüksekdağ and Mr Selahattin Demirtaş to the UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki Moon below on the occasion of the First World Humanitarian Summit on  Friday, the very day their parliamentary immunity was lifted. 

His Excellency Mr. Ban Ki-moon
Secretary General, United Nations
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Letter: Lifting Parliamentary Immunities in Turkey


Please find the letter of our co-chairs Figen Yüksekdağ and Selahattin Demirtaş below regarding the lifting parliamentary immunities in Turkey to various institutions representatives including President of the European Parliament Mr. Martin Schulz, President of PACE Mr. Pedro Agramunt, Parliamentary Group Cahirs of EP and PACE, President of Senate of France Mr. M. Gérard Larcher, President of National Assembly of France Mr. Claude Bartolone, President of Senate of Italy Mr. Pietro Grasso, President of Senate of Belgium Ms. Christine Defraigne, President of the Representatives Assembly of Netherland Ms. Khadija Arib, President of Senate of Spain Mr. Pío García-Escudero Márquez, President of Swedish Parliament Mr. Urban Ahlin, President of National Council of Austria Ms. Doris Bures, President of National Council of Switzerland Ms. Christa Markwalder, President of Parliament of Norway Mr. Olemic Thommessen and President of Parliament of Finland Ms. Maria Lohela.

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Letter From HDP Co-Chairs Mr Demirtas and Ms Yuksekdag on AKP’s Move to Lift Immunities of MPs


Turkey is rapidly moving away from democracy and the rule of law due to President Erdoğan and the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government’s increasing authoritarian policies – particularly with respect to the Kurdish issue. At multiple platforms we have expressed grave concerns that such antidemocratic policies are dragging the country into political violence, social polarization, and socio-economic instability. We have also emphasized that the only way out of these circumstances is to resume the peace process with the Kurdish movement and broaden the field of democratic politics. Unfortunately, Turkey is moving full force in the opposite direction despite ongoing negotiations for accession to the EU. Continue reading

We condemn the Massacre in Brussels!


We condemn vehemently the brutal and inhuman terror attacks that hit the capital city of Belgium, Brussels today.

We would like to make sure that we firmly stand in solidarity with the Belgian people and all peoples of Europe in these dark days. Our hearts are with those who lost their lives and their beloveds in these heinous attacks.
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Letter to Mr. Tusk, Mr. Juncker and Mrs. Merkel


To the President of European Council, Mr. Donald Tusk
To the President of European Commission, Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker
To the Chancellor of Germany, Mrs. Angela Merkel,

We have been closely following how war and conflicts taking place both in Middle East and Turkey affect Europe directly. The humanitarian devastation caused by war and tragedies occurring as a result necessitates an effective cooperation of international communities.
Particularly in fighting ISIL as well as similar terrorist groups and preventing the disasters that millions of people who were forced to become refugees go through, are problems that can be solved more easily by improving sincere co-operations of states and societies.
The unsolved Kurdish question and abandonment of negotiation process, followed by the return to the conflict and security concept again bring out a serious instability and extremely severe humanitarian price in our country. In this conflicted environment, serious human rights violations and unlawful arbitrary practices have become an almost routine policy of the government. Continue reading