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Solidarity Messages After Ankara Bombing

wpid-img_20151010_143124.jpgHere are the solidarity messages after Ankara bombing form all over the world: Continue reading


PCF: The Result of the HDP Reopens the Way of the Hope in Turkey


The deleterious climate and the outburst of violence orchestrated by president Erdogan, his party AKP and hard right, couldn’t triumph over powerful popular movement which was expressed Sunday, June 7 at the time of the Turkish legislative elections.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan and AKP, even if even they come out on top, experience a spectacular reverse. The president, repudiated, loses the majority on which he hoped to inflict a constitutional revision ensuring him ultimate powers. The Turkish people sanctioned  increasing economic difficulties, authoritarianism,  interventions in private life and the disappearance of Rule of law. The voters also condemned an aggressive foreign politics which destabilizes the region. Continue reading

Turkish Elections: PCF supports HDP candidates and Selahattin Demirtaş


On June 7th, parliamentary elections will take place in Turkey. President Erdoğan wants to take advantage of them to reinforce his authoritarianism, to increase the infringements upon freedoms, secularity, and women’s rights, and to accentuate his policy of social regression.

This prospect is very dangerous because it could call into question the peace process initiated by Abdullah Öcalan and the PKK and could also consolidate support from Ankara for Jihadist groups with an aim of breaking, in particular, the autonomy of Rojava in Syria.

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French Communist Party: Mining Disaster in Turkey


In the town of Soma , a terrible mining disaster just happened . Hundreds of workers have lost their lives . Others are injured or still buried .
The FCP sends its condolences to the families and expresses its solidarity with all workers in Turkey. Lives can still be saved and we hope that every effort will be made .
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