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The Turkish government should immediately change its wrong policies in Syria


The Turkish government is insisting on the mistakes it has been committing in Syria over the past five years. The military operation against Jarablus, which was initiated by the Turkish Armed Forces with the pretext of fighting the ISIS, involves qualities that can deepen the war in both Syria and Turkey. Of course, Turkey should wage a more active struggle against the ISIS. Yet, Turkey’s target in the recently initiated operation is not the ISIS, but the Democratic Syrian Forces (DSG), who have been fighting the most effective struggle against the ISIS. Continue reading


Our Concerns Grow…

img_20151116_152354.jpgTurkey is rapidly dragged into ambiguity. What we go through everyday makes us long for yesterday. We are deeply concerned and saddened by recent incidents happened today in Elazığ, a few days ago in Van and Diyarbakır. Turkey is led to a state of heavy clashes and deaths everyday step by step.
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Put an End to Demolitions, Sieges and Round-the-Clock Curfews! 

img_20151116_152354.jpgAs part of a larger war policy, round-the-clock curfews are still going on in Kurdish provinces despite their illegality. As of now, hundreds of civilians have lost their lives during the months-long curfews in the city center of Şırnak and 22 other districts. While armed clashes stopped in all these districts, the curfews are still in effect full day in some districts, while at night in some others. 

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International Appeal : Forced Disappearance of DBP Executive in Police Custody

Not a single day seems to pass without the war which the AKP government has launched against the Kurdish people in its drive to further entrench its hold on power acquires new dimensions.

Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Şırnak Provincial Executive Mr. Hurşit Güler has been forcibly disappeared after being taken into police custody on 27 May, 2016, exposing the ever more malicious dimensions this dirty war is liable to take.  Continue reading

Call For Sensitivity On The New Massacre In Roboski

img_20151116_152354.jpgWe would like to urgently alert you all to the fact that we keep being confronted with new instances of AKP government’s unwarranted use of disproportionate force against civilian population resulting in heavy casualties and/or massacre on a daily basis. Continue reading

Call For Nusaybin

IMG_20160524_110146To whom it may concern:

We hereby would like to attract the attention of the international community, human rights institutions and bodies to the extremely grave situation in the besieged town of Nusaybin, which has been under round-the-clock curfew for over 77 days. Continue reading

Joint Declaration Against the Palace Coup


Joint declaration of a committee consisting of 254 signatories, CSOs, political parties, associations, foundations, co-mayors, and individuals gathering upon the call from HDK and DTK against the Palace Coup.

We have serious concerns about the constitutional amendment regarding the change on lifting the immunities.

Parliamentary immunity should primarily be a democratic right aiming to guarantee the elected officials the right to talk and express their opinions. This right belongs not only to the parliament members but also to the people who have elected them. Indeed the parliament members are obliged to reflect the will of the people they represent while acting on their behalf.  Continue reading