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On the Detention of Our Vice Co-Chair Mr Alp Altınörs

fb_img_1473424900291Our vice Co-Chair Mr Alp Altınörs’ home was raided by police forces around 02:00 AM tonight and he was taken into police custody. We protest and condemn this clear act of aggression as a further instance of the campaign of repression on HDP and forces of democratic opposition. 

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Detentions and Arrests Cannot Hinder our Struggle

img_20151116_152354.jpgHardly a day goes by without investigations, detentions and arrests of members and executives of our party, non-governmental organizations, university students, academicians, local authorities, and public laborers in various cities.

The unlawful operations, conducted cooperatively by AKP and Gülen community in 2011, are today executed by instructions directly from the Palace. The Palace attempts to marginalize and ostracize us from the democratic political sphere by pointing our party and deputies as a target. Continue reading