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On the Detention of Our Vice Co-Chair Mr Alp Altınörs

fb_img_1473424900291Our vice Co-Chair Mr Alp Altınörs’ home was raided by police forces around 02:00 AM tonight and he was taken into police custody. We protest and condemn this clear act of aggression as a further instance of the campaign of repression on HDP and forces of democratic opposition. 

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Declaration of the Conference of European Left Parties in Amed on the 21th of February 2016


We as Kurdish, Turkish and European left and democratic forces stand together in our fight for democracy, peace, diversity and social justice.

We are gathered here today to call on the Turkish Government to stop the massacres and killings of civilians in the besieged Kurdish cities. Civilian woman and children are the ones suffering the most from this brutal policy. We call on the Turkish government to stop the curfew and allow for access to the besieged cities. The grave violations of basic human rights must be stopped and an international commission must be set up in order to secure that the responsible for war crimes will be prosecuted. Continue reading

Solidarity Message From SYRIZA to HDP

syriza5The consecutive fascist murderous attacks during pre-electoral rallies of HDP and Demirtas’s speeches in Turkey in the last days, which resulted in the death of at least 6 people and the injury of hundreds, and the amphoteric stance of the Turkish police do not even resemble an environment of democratic normality.

The ceremonial condemnation on behalf of the ruling party of AKP is not enough to wash off the anti-democratic crime that is being committed. These practices are extremely dangerous and in the past they have lead Turkey to painful aberrations. Continue reading

Solidarity Message from Solidarity Party of Afghanistan


Dear Comrades of HDP,

The revolutionary history of Turkey is full of sacrifice and struggle for a better world free of oppression, rapacity and fundamentalism by the indomitable daughters and sons of this beautiful land. Your epic fight has been an inspiration and pride for all progressive and forward-thinking forces around the world. We believe without your moral support to Kobani warriors, life would have been much harsher for them. On behalf of revolutionary forces and people of Afghanistan, we express our gratitude to your support to Kobanians.
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Gezi is the Democratic Future of Turkey


This is the second anniversary of the Gezi Resistance, which started as a reaction to the uprooting of trees in the public’s Gezi Park for the construction of a shopping mall and to the violent police attack on people using their democratic right of protest two years ago. The government, desperate for more profit, chose to suppress the objections of those willing to defend their city and commons. During the resistance that began with a public indignation, 8 young people were killed, 11 citizens lost their eyes, countless injuries, arrests and traumas were experienced.
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We do not Warn PM Ahmet Davutoğlu!


We are calling  Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu for common sense. “Demirtaş is responsible for each drop of blood to be shed” is an extremely irresponsible. We will never ever accept that kind of political lynching attempts, accusations, attacks and hostile attitudes towards our Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş. HDP, with its all members, friends and organizations; with all the organizations of democracy, labour class and peace will support Selahattin Demirtaş.

By all means, as our Co-Chair has said, we will oppose the new security package both in the Parliament and on streets. We will use our right to criticize and objection by demonstrating and conducting democratic activities. If the law get into force, we will carry out our democratic struggle in order to change it. Continue reading