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50 Kurdish Politicians Begin Indefinite Hunger Strike in Amed/Diyarbakır

img-20160908-wa000750 Kurdish politicians began an indefinite hunger strike demanding that the state abide by international human rights and allow either his family or his lawyers of a party delegation to see Mr. Abdullah Öcalan with whom all communication has been cut for the last 515 days. Continue reading


Kamuran Yüksek’s Arrest Cannot Dishearten Us 


Mr. Kamuran Yüksek, co-Chair of Democratic Regions Party (DBP) has been arrested after an unlawful  process of detention. Yüksek’s arrest on frivolous grounds citing speeches he made at party and public meetings, in other words because he expressed his thoughts and ideas is nothing but politically targeted policy of intimidation. Continue reading

Joint Declaration Against the Palace Coup


Joint declaration of a committee consisting of 254 signatories, CSOs, political parties, associations, foundations, co-mayors, and individuals gathering upon the call from HDK and DTK against the Palace Coup.

We have serious concerns about the constitutional amendment regarding the change on lifting the immunities.

Parliamentary immunity should primarily be a democratic right aiming to guarantee the elected officials the right to talk and express their opinions. This right belongs not only to the parliament members but also to the people who have elected them. Indeed the parliament members are obliged to reflect the will of the people they represent while acting on their behalf.  Continue reading