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Co Chair Demirtaş: Turkey Must Face the Armenian Genocide

Our co-chair Selahattin Demirtas talks about the role of Kurds in Turkey’s democratization process, our party’s position regarding the Armenian Genocide, as well as the steps our party could take in the context of Armenia-Turkey relations if we come to power.


Parts of Selahattin Demirtaş’s Speech (From Med Nûçe TV)

demirtas1The conflict in Kobanê is not solely between two parties but between two ideologies at clash which concerns the international players too. ISIS targeted Kobanê as they predicted an easy siege. They aimed to bring down the regime here and attack the other cantons. Within all this bloodshed, there is an effort to build an alternative governing model here. The forces backing ISIS deemed it utmost important to bring down the Rojava Revolution and this alternative governing model. Why did the international coalition initiate the airstrikes? The coalition partners were effective in empowering ISIS to begin with. They realized if Kobanê falls, they will be next. The peoples of the world, especially the Kurds, forced them to take action. Continue reading