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Co-chair Mr. Selahattin Demirtas’ speech on the massacre in Gaziantep


(Delivered at Diyarbakir Airport before Mr. Demirtas went to Gaziantep to visit families of the victims on August 21, 2016) 
This vicious attack is not the first atrocity that we have encountered or that has befallen us in our country. The bombings and mass murders that started with the June 2015 attack on HDP Diyarbakir rally and continued with the Suruç massacre went on in many cities of Turkey, causing many civilian deaths. Unfortunately, these attacks have virtually determined our political and social agendas and life over the last one and a half year.

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In Şırnak Idil the psychological harassment of the State forces continues

On June 13th, Monday our MP delegation met with citizens in Idil district of Şırnak.
To avoid the meeting, Turkish Security Forces harassed the people by blaring recordings of a Turkish ultra-nationalist march by the Ottoman Military Band: a march from the Ottoman age:
Your ancestors, your grandfathers, your descendants, your father
Turkish nation is always victorious
Your armies, many times, have been renowned throughout the world
Turkish nation!
Love your nationality passionately
Overwhelm the enemy of the motherland
The damned shall suffer abjection
In Idil, the first curfew was declared on February 16th. The curfew was supposed to be lifted according to an official announcement, but the city is still under siege.
During the 115-day siege, 69 people were killed. The local people are trying to get back to their normal life, but the psychological harassment by the State forces continues.
Please find below the link to the video of the incident.

Letter to Mr. Tusk, Mr. Juncker and Mrs. Merkel


To the President of European Council, Mr. Donald Tusk
To the President of European Commission, Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker
To the Chancellor of Germany, Mrs. Angela Merkel,

We have been closely following how war and conflicts taking place both in Middle East and Turkey affect Europe directly. The humanitarian devastation caused by war and tragedies occurring as a result necessitates an effective cooperation of international communities.
Particularly in fighting ISIL as well as similar terrorist groups and preventing the disasters that millions of people who were forced to become refugees go through, are problems that can be solved more easily by improving sincere co-operations of states and societies.
The unsolved Kurdish question and abandonment of negotiation process, followed by the return to the conflict and security concept again bring out a serious instability and extremely severe humanitarian price in our country. In this conflicted environment, serious human rights violations and unlawful arbitrary practices have become an almost routine policy of the government. Continue reading

Our MP Ertuğrul Kürkçü Spoke at PACE Session (25.01.2016)


“The PRESIDENT:  Thank you. I call Mr Kürkçü, who will speak on behalf of the Group of the Unified European Left.

Mr KÜRKÇÜ (Turkey):  I draw the Assemblys attention to the ongoing conflict and unacceptable human rights violations in Turkeys south-eastern districts, which are mostly inhabited by Kurdish people. In those districts and provinces, a new wave of violence has erupted after the suspension of peace talks between the PKK leader Öcalan and the Turkish Government, which was advised by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe during the 2013 discussion of the progress report on Turkey. Continue reading

Message To International Participants of Our 2nd Congress


We would like to thank the international delegations and the representatives of political parties and organizations that participated in our congress.

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Urgent Appeal of Faysal Sarıyıldız on the Curfews Implemented by the Turkish Government


Urgent Appeal
                                                                                                                26 September 2015

Dear Colleague,

I am writing to you from a geography where artillery shells fired from tanks fall next to us, where cruelty of war and violence, all forms of brutality have become daily routine for a longtime and where weapons and death have consumed relevance of all words. For days and months now; there is a de facto martial law in place and fundamental human rights and freedoms are suspended. People are literally imprisoned in their basements, their houses torn down under artillery fire, people are showered by bullets, shot and killed by snipers in the middle of the streets.  Their bodies are left on the streets and could not be picked up for days neither by medical workers nor their families. The name of this geography is Kurdistan. Continue reading

Urgent Call for Solidarity and Action


Union of Southeastern Anatolia Region Municipalities

In the course of armed conflict that restarted in the Kurdish region of Turkey after general elections in June 2015, 186 civilians most of which are women or children have died so far, hundreds of them were injured and thousands of people were arrested. Concerning co-mayors who are members of our union, 17 of them are now arrested while 25 of them were suspended from their duty and 6 of them were issued arrest warrants since July 2015. In order to end human rights violations in our region, there is an urgent need for revitalizing peace talks for resolution of Kurdish question in Turkey. Continue reading