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Call for International Solidarity by Peace Block: The lifting of parliamentary immunities in Turkey


After the voting through of a temporary amendment to the Turkish constitution, the prosecution of Members of Parliament can now be fast tracked. Previously any prosecution of a member of parliament required a lengthy process culminating in a vote in parliament itself. After the change, any indictments currently lodged with parliament will be processed immediately and MPs right to appeal to the constitutional court has also been removed.
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PES: We Are Deeply Concerned About Unconstitutional Move To Strip Turkish Mps Off Immunity


The Party of European Socialists is deeply concerned about the upcoming vote at the Parliament General Assembly in Turkey to lift the immunity of the members of the Turkish Parliament.
We consider the measure to be a new attempt to crack down on the opposition and as directly targeting the HDP party, which an associated member of the PES. Continue reading

Press Release: The UN delegation should be immediately allowed to make an investigation

hdp_amblem_4We would like to express our satisfaction with the call of Zeid Raad Al Hussein, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, to Turkey on giving independent investigators, including UN staff, unimpeded access to Cizre.
On the statement by High Commissioner, the State’s duty of protecting its people from acts of violence has been emphasized, as well as the importance of respecting human rights and the international laws forbidding acts of torture, extrajudicial executions, disproportional lethal violence and arbitrary detentions.

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We condemn the Massacre in Brussels!


We condemn vehemently the brutal and inhuman terror attacks that hit the capital city of Belgium, Brussels today.

We would like to make sure that we firmly stand in solidarity with the Belgian people and all peoples of Europe in these dark days. Our hearts are with those who lost their lives and their beloveds in these heinous attacks.
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Declaration of the Conference of European Left Parties in Amed on the 21th of February 2016


We as Kurdish, Turkish and European left and democratic forces stand together in our fight for democracy, peace, diversity and social justice.

We are gathered here today to call on the Turkish Government to stop the massacres and killings of civilians in the besieged Kurdish cities. Civilian woman and children are the ones suffering the most from this brutal policy. We call on the Turkish government to stop the curfew and allow for access to the besieged cities. The grave violations of basic human rights must be stopped and an international commission must be set up in order to secure that the responsible for war crimes will be prosecuted. Continue reading

Noam Chomsky’s Reply to Our Şırnak MP Faysal Sarıyıldız


Dear Mr. Sariyildiz,

Many thanks for the very kind invitation to visit Southeastern Turkey.  As perhaps you know, I have been there several times on missions to investigate the harsh and sometimes very brutal repression there.  I appreciate the invitation to do so again, but I am afraid that circumstances make it impossible for me now, though I am following the situation very closely and doing what I can from here.

I very much hope that the current very dangerous trajectory can be reversed, and quickly, before even more damage is done.

Noam Chomsky

Solidarity Messages After Ankara Bombing

wpid-img_20151010_143124.jpgHere are the solidarity messages after Ankara bombing form all over the world: Continue reading