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The Joint Defense Statement of HDP MPs


The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) that I represent received over six million votes in 7 June 2015 general elections, passing the 10% election threshold and winning 80 seats in the Parliament. Our democratic ballot box victory ended the single-party rule of Justice and Development Party (AKP), and prevented it from drafting a new Constitution on its own. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who aims to establish his “one-man rule” in the country and who have not hesitated to resort to all kinds of illegalities to fulfil this aim, did not respect this election result. He prevented the formation of any coalition government and called for a snap election. Meanwhile, Mr. Erdoğan also ended the almost three-year-long peace process (with the Kurdish movement), having seen it not fitting to serve his interests and to enlarge his electoral base, and dragged the country into an enflamed conflict process. Continue reading


In Şırnak Idil the psychological harassment of the State forces continues

On June 13th, Monday our MP delegation met with citizens in Idil district of Şırnak.
To avoid the meeting, Turkish Security Forces harassed the people by blaring recordings of a Turkish ultra-nationalist march by the Ottoman Military Band: a march from the Ottoman age:
Your ancestors, your grandfathers, your descendants, your father
Turkish nation is always victorious
Your armies, many times, have been renowned throughout the world
Turkish nation!
Love your nationality passionately
Overwhelm the enemy of the motherland
The damned shall suffer abjection
In Idil, the first curfew was declared on February 16th. The curfew was supposed to be lifted according to an official announcement, but the city is still under siege.
During the 115-day siege, 69 people were killed. The local people are trying to get back to their normal life, but the psychological harassment by the State forces continues.
Please find below the link to the video of the incident.

Urgent Action: Call for International Organizations for Sur


I am a member of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey for the province of Diyarbakir and am writing this letter to you from the central district of Sur currently under heavy bombardment of the Turkish armed forces. For the past six months, since August 2015, six indefinite round-the-clock curfews have been declared in Sur in line with Turkeys ruling AKP Government’s remilitarized strategy of subdoing the Kurdish Peoples political demands and agency. The yet final one of these round-the-clock curfews, which has been in effect since December 11, 2015, has claimed the lives of over a hundred civilian people, the shelling of whole neighborhoods, the destruction of built heritage sites and the forced displacement of tens thousands of Sur residents.
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Urgent Call: Dont Let Tomorrow Be Too Late for Sur!


The indefinite, round-the-clock curfews that the AKP government has declared in Turkeys Kurdish provinces since August 16, 2015 continue to deepen the emergency situation that undermines basic human rights and freedoms in the region, including the right to live and personal safety. As of today, curfews have been effective in seven provinces and twenty counties for a total of 395 days. This curfew policy directly and clearly violates imperative provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey as well as basic principles of international humanitarian law, first and foremost the provisions of Geneva Convention for the protection of civilians in war and conflict zones. The last and most destructive example of systematic violence and massacre threats under the curfew rule occurred in the town of Cizre, Şırnak province, before the eyes of indifferent Turkish and international publics: at least 165 civilians who had taken refuge in the basements of residential buildings amidst military operations were bombarded to death by Turkish security forces. Continue reading

Urgent Action Call For International Organizations


February 5, 2016

We, the Peoples’ Democratic Party Headquarters, would like to share our alarming concern regarding the systematic violation of basic human rights and fundamental freedoms in Kurdish towns and cities that have been ruled under round-the-clock curfews by Turkeys ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) Government. This curfew practice, promulgated by AKP Government starting in August 16, 2015, is a no mere breach of the fundamental principals of international humanitarian law. It is also in violation of Turkey’s very own Constitutional law and order.  Continue reading

Urgent Call to National and International Public Opinion on the Situation in Cizre


To the press and public opinion,

For the last eight days, we have been making every effort to have our dead and seriously wounded citizens who are trapped in the basement of an apartment building in Cizre—among them many dead and seriously wounded—transferred to hospital. Our efforts to clear what that is being called the basement of savagery (vahşet bodrumu) have continued again today without interruption from 7 am until 3 pm. Continue reading

The call of Mr Faysal Sarıyıldız, our Şırnak Deputy, to the Red Cross and the Red Crescent


To the Honorable Representatives of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent,

We are writing this letter in order to briefly provide you with the information regarding the escalation of human rights violations and crimes against humanity suffered by the civilian population during the ongoing curfews carried out under the pretext of anti-terror fight in the Kurdish provinces of Turkey.
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