In Şırnak Idil the psychological harassment of the State forces continues

On June 13th, Monday our MP delegation met with citizens in Idil district of Şırnak.
To avoid the meeting, Turkish Security Forces harassed the people by blaring recordings of a Turkish ultra-nationalist march by the Ottoman Military Band: a march from the Ottoman age:
Your ancestors, your grandfathers, your descendants, your father
Turkish nation is always victorious
Your armies, many times, have been renowned throughout the world
Turkish nation!
Love your nationality passionately
Overwhelm the enemy of the motherland
The damned shall suffer abjection
In Idil, the first curfew was declared on February 16th. The curfew was supposed to be lifted according to an official announcement, but the city is still under siege.
During the 115-day siege, 69 people were killed. The local people are trying to get back to their normal life, but the psychological harassment by the State forces continues.
Please find below the link to the video of the incident.

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