The Aim of Fabricated News is to Thicken the Darkness


As of today, deliberate, unethical, fabricated news appeared in several media organs about Faysal SARIYILDIZ, our Şırnak MP, and Tuğba HEZER ÖZTÜRK, our Van MP.

Mr. Sarıyıldız and Mrs. Hezer Öztürk were commissioned by our party and have been in European countries since some time. They are tasked with sharing information on massacres and rights violations in Cizre.

Their party commissioned work is obviously within the party’s knowledge and is a part of our regular schedule for our MPs. Moreover, the fabricated reports reiterate the officially falsified slanders of “gun-toting” for Mr. Sarıyıldız. Information and documents on the issue have been previously shared to the public on numerous occasions by the HDP. 

The indictment of our deputies are raised and submitted to the Parliament purely because of our political endeavor to democratize Turkey and build a libertarian country. We would like to reiterate what we have already publicly stated many times: the said political endeavors are a badge of honor for our deputies.

The temporary amendment on the Constitution, under the guise of lifting immunities is a blow on Turkish democracy and is leading the country onto a shady future. The said fabricated reports about our MPs are aimed to further thicken the clouds looming over the country instead of bringing light into the darkness.

We publicly reiterate that fabricated news about our MPs does not reflect the truth and we will continue our struggle for democracy against all that stand against it.

20 May 2016

Çağlar DEMİREL         İdris BALUKEN

HDP Group Deputy Co-Chairs


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