Detentions and Arrests Cannot Hinder our Struggle

img_20151116_152354.jpgHardly a day goes by without investigations, detentions and arrests of members and executives of our party, non-governmental organizations, university students, academicians, local authorities, and public laborers in various cities.

The unlawful operations, conducted cooperatively by AKP and Gülen community in 2011, are today executed by instructions directly from the Palace. The Palace attempts to marginalize and ostracize us from the democratic political sphere by pointing our party and deputies as a target.

As part of the mentioned operations, two days ago, our Finance Director, Hüseyin Yılmaz was taken into custody, and presently he is still not taken to stand trial. Mr. Yılmaz is our second finance director to be taken under custody in the last 3 months, following Zeki Çelik, our previous finance director. The accusations over Mr. Yılmaz are undisclosed due to a confidentiality order on the file.

Conducting daily operations through direct instructions to the Jurisdiction, The Palace, and her government continue their lawless acts. Today, we face with a mentality, which puts any de facto amendment into force on Penal Code.

We once again appeal to all members of the Jurisdiction who obey the instructions of the Palace/AKP government: You shall be accounted for all your actions that violate the codes of universal and democratic law, and the international conventions co-signed by Turkey, as in the past.

Certain judges and prosecutors, who used to be praised with news and articles, are today either kept in prisons, or have fled abroad. Judges and prosecutors who used to be held in high honor yesterday are today announced to be traitors. Tomorrow there shall be no shield to protect those involved in unlawful activities today. The actors of any unlawful execution shall fall into disgrace in the history of law and democracy.

We demand the termination of this unlawful arrest, and immediate release of our Finance Director Mr. Yılmaz.

The oppression and atrocity drives the determination of the peoples and the democracy forces of Turkey for struggle. We repeat once again: the peoples of Turkey shall unite in the struggle for freedom, equality, peace, and democracy, and stand up stronger against the policies of the Palace/AKP government.

Peoples’ Democratic Party
Central Executive Board

April 12th, 2016


One response to “Detentions and Arrests Cannot Hinder our Struggle

  1. I am Swedish citizen that own a shirt with the beautiful sign of the hands and tree. I like this trade union and women and secular party friendly HDP but when I had the shirt on, some shady personel look like in attitude like gestapo officer or Joseph gobbels .
    This official as he said, it was a bad party that supports terrorism and several devious positions. I plainly asked him whether it would be illegal for a tourist as myself to wear this shirt that I had printed at a textile fabric printing studio, he did not plainly answer this question but was reluctant to receive my apology.
    I actually got scared and also felt rage about how detrimental the status of Turkey have become, even for tourists!
    How can tourism be ever encouraged when tourists are told to what to wear or not.
    Probably this is last time I visit Turkey, the country I really love by its beauty surrounding and nice people in general.

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