Newroz Celebrations Cannot be Banned…


In these most distressful days for our country and our peoples, full of grief and losses of lives, celebrations for Newroz are underway. Newroz is a holiday celebrated by various peoples in various geographies, particularly in Mesopotamia, as the harbinger of spring. On the other hand, as a result of the oppressive and repressive policies by the AKP government, the celebrations have been prohibited in several cities. Appeals are rejected time and again, either with reasons, which are far from being satisfactory or without stating any reason at all.

Celebrating Newroz, the festival of spring and revival, is the most legitimate right of all the people. Prohibition of Newroz had been tried in several periods by several despotic rulers, however all tries were to no avail. The people claimed and celebrated Newroz even under the grimmest, the most oppressive regimes.

Today, the eagerness by AKP-Palace government to ban Newroz celebrations indicates the efforts to escalate policies of oppression, intimidation and war. AKP-Palace government is seeking after shattering the hopes of people for a better future through those prohibitions.

We shall organize our Newroz celebrations as we have planned and announced. The people shall be on the street and squares with their own traditions, ways, and colors to light their Newroz bonfires for equality and freedom.

The government’s attempts at banning Newroz celebrations is neither legal, nor legitimate. The legitimate and the right way is to celebrate Newroz as it has been for centuries. We call for the government to quit the attitude of preventing Newroz celebrations, to assure a peaceful and safe celebration of Newroz, and above all, to act in common sense.

We hereby celebrate the Newroz Holiday of all the peoples of the Middle East, Caucasia, and most notably Turkey.

Peoples’ Democratic Party
Central Executive Board

March 16th, 2016


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