Hunger Strike by HDP MPs


Our deputies, Mr İdris Baluken, Mrs Meral Danış-Beştaş and Mr Osman Baydemir have started a hunger strike in the Interior Ministry, after failing to make the Ministry provide ambulance to the wounded civilians in a basement in Cizre.

The delegation went to the Interior Ministry this morning in order to make the authorities send ambulances for the 28 civilians sought refuge five days ago, while the building was hit by heavy weapons by the security forces since then. 

The Vice Minister Mr Sebahattin Öztürk has promised to provide the conditions under which the wounded civilians and the bodies of those who were killed could be transferred. Yet, unfortunately the conditions even deteriorated whereby the building was covered with fire again by the security forces Wednesday afternoon.

Our MPs, who have tried to get results until 17:00 o’clock on Wednesday, have decided to begin a hunger strike after it was seen that the Interior Ministry could not create the conditions for the hospitalization of wounded citizens and transfer of bodies which began to putrefy. They have also declared that they won’t leave the Ministry before transfers are made.

In Cizre, 5 curfews were imposed since July 2015, the last one continuing since 14 December for 44 days now. During this last curfew only, 67 civilians were killed. Since July, 100 civilians lost their lives.

Our delegation has repeated our call to the Turkish government to comply with the decisions of the ECHR, with the international conventions and with the national laws, and prevent further losses of lives.

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP)
Press Office


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