Our Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş on Twitter about Murder of Tahir Elçi


Mr. Prime Minister, have you investigated the crime scene? How you could say “PKK did it” right after the incident? Was it not you who declared curfew at the crime scene and hindered the investigation in person?

You’ve said “if he were alive…”, he WAS alive 4 days ago and you were too busy lynching him through your media/judicial army. What is clear from the recording and testimonies is that there was nobody shooting near Mr. Elçi except the police. Why are you ignoring this?

Mr. Elçi’s coffin was covered with colors used by Kurdish people for thousand-years, not with a flag. Are you going to be “a PM for everyone” by insulting even this? You’d better understand that you’re ruling a state. You are responsible for what’s going on in this country.

You won’t be able to solve any problem by threatening us. We fear Noone but God, you know this very well.


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