HDP CEC Resolution: We Condemn the Attack Against Our People Demanding Peace

wpid-img_20151010_143124.jpgOur people who said “guns should be silenced without buts and only ifs”, who organized demonstrations and hit the streets to make this demand real were attacked viciously.

Firstly, we wish God’s mercy and grace to 97 lives we lost, and send our condolences to their families and our people, and  hope that hundreds of people who got wounded get better soon.

It is obvious that this attack isn’t different from the massacre in Suruc and bombings in Adana, Mersin and Diyarbakir. These are the results of the language of hatred that the political power used against the ones who worked to bring peace. This attack targeted the ones who struggle for equality, freedom and justice and remained persistent about peace and democracy. This attack is against the dissemination of the language of peace and its actual realization.

In this country, a mafia leader who is fed by the government and some state institutions can organize a demonstration in Rize and announce his commitment and support to the Palace. He states that “they will bleed in streams” and a day after people who demand peace in Ankara are murdered by bombs. Unless the political power cut their ties with these mafia organizations within the country, and global gangs like ISIS and Ahrar es Sam, we will experience these kinds of massacres.

We are sure that all the people who didn’t lose their inner conscience and pride feel the pain in their hearts. We will overcome these difficult days with their and peace activists’ solidarity and union.

We will never let these massacres buried. Those days will come that  the people who instigated and planned these massacres and also the politicians who are responsible for them and actual executors of these actions would be taken to court.

HDP Central Executive Committee

10 October 2015


3 responses to “HDP CEC Resolution: We Condemn the Attack Against Our People Demanding Peace

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  3. Phil Jenkinson

    All decent people here in U.K are horrified by these vicious attacks, obviously carried out by Erdogan’s “dark state”. Be strong, HDP and Turkish people ! Sooner or later, AKP and their MHP/mafia fascist allies will be overthrown.

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