Solidarity Campaign with Peoples’ Democratic Party!

HDPSpotSolidarity with the Peoples Democratic Party!

We demand an end to the campaign of violence in Turkey!

We, intellectuals, academicxs, activists, organizations, social and political leaders from Latin America, want to express our deep concern over the escalation of violence in Turkey against the Kurdish civilian population and against the Peoples Democratic Party (HDP):

  • The sequence of events in recent weeks in Turkey, including military action in the Kurdish areas of the country with obvious damages to the rights of the civilian population, and a campaign of attacks and threats against offices and members of the Democratic Party Peoples endanger the peace process with the PKK, and democracy in the country.
  • We express our deep solidarity with the Peoples Democratic Party, which we consider a key element in strengthening democracy, defending human rights, and in seeking an end to the armed conflict in Turkey, not only for its recent electoral victory, but also for its deep engagement to the Kurdish, feminist, environmentalist and democratic movements in the country.
  • The massive and apparently organized attacks against the HDP, do not only evidence the involvement of far-right groups, but give the impression of the participation of the provisional governments party AKP. If this were true, this confirms and deepens the authoritarian tendencies of the AKP in recent years. Therefore, it is urgent to impartially investigate this campaign of violence, identifying its instigators.
  • Similarly, we are deeply concerned at indications that the agreement between the US and Turkey on combating the Islamic State might being used by the Turkish government to revive the armed conflict in the Kurdish areas of the country. The Kurdish people and their organizations have been crucial in the confrontation with the Islamic State, and should therefore be considered a major ally in the struggle for peace and justice in the Middle East. Consequently, it is essential that individual and collective rights of self-determination of the Kurds are the basis for a new coexistence in Turkey and the Middle East.
  • We are sure that the only viable way forward for Turkey is the construction of peace, the strengthening of democracy and the recognition of the agenda of the Kurdish people. We, therefore, condemn all actions that pretend to sabotage this process through violence, threats and authoritarianism.
  • We call on the Turkish government to fulfill its duty to guarantee the rights of all LA Anarchist ciudadanxs of his country, and particularly of the Kurdish people and members of HDP. This would imply an end to military action in the Kurdish area of ​​the country, which is currently only cause escalation of violence, which could lead to a new civil war. Also it involves respect for the Turkish government to the rule of law, the right to free expression and organization, and the results of the elections this year.Sign:Alberto Acosta, professor del FLACSO (Ecuador) and ex-president of the constituent assemblie of EcuadorAlberto Castilla (Colombia), senator for the Polo Democratico ALternativo/Poder y Unidad Popular-PUPRaúl Prada (Bolivia), Universidad Nacional de San Andres and ex president  of the constituent asamblie of BoliviaAnibal Quijano (Peru)Maristella Svampa (Argentina), researcher and professor of the La Plata University

    Virginia Vargas Valente (Peru), Centro de la Mujer Peruana Flora Tristan and Programa Democracia y Transformación Global

    Edgardo Lander (Venezuela), Universidad Central de Venezuela

    Hugo Blanco (Peru), writer, activist and peasant leader

    Tatiana Roa (Ecuador), Censat

    Floresmilo Simbaña (Ecuador), Indigenous Confederation of Ecuador, CONAIE

    Esperanza Martinez (Ecuador), Acción Ecologica

    Raúl Zibechi (Uruguay), writer and journalist

    Miriam Lang (Germany/Ecuador), Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar

    Eduardo Cáceres (Perú)

    Nelsy Lizarazo-Pressenza- Agencia Internacional de Noticias con enfoque de Paz y No-Violencia

    Sigrid Bazan (Perú)

    People´s Congress (Colombia)

    Poder y Unidad Popular (Colombia)

    Colectivo La Comuna (Bolivia)

    Partido Socialista del Perú (Perú)

    Ulrich Brand (Austria), University of Viena

    Alejandra Santillana, Colectiva Feminista Las Lorenzas

    Jorge Rojas (Chile), Universidad de Concepción

    Dion Monteiro (Brasil), Foro Social Pan-amazonico

    Pilar lizarraga (Bolivia), Comunidad de Estudios JAINA- Bolivia

    Carolina Ortiz, (Perú), Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos

    Raphael Hoetmer (Perú/Holanda)

    Boris Marañon (Mexico), UNAM

    Gerhard Dilger (Brasil), journalist

    Sandra Rativa (Colombia)

    Amelia Moro (Brasil)

    Danilo de Asis Climaco (Brasil), UNAM

    Danilo Quijano (Perú)

    Roberto Espinosa (Perú)

    Alejandro Mantilla (Colombia)

    Otavio Velho (Brasil)

    Thomas Moore (Peru)

    Continue signatures…


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