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Information Note on Upcoming Elections in Turkey


HDP’s Election Manifesto has been banned by Ağrı Penal Court of Peace

The Election Manifesto of the Peoples’ Democratic Party’s (HDP) published by HDP Headquarters has been banned by Ağrı Penal Court of Peace. The aim of the court decision is to criminalize our demand for administrative self-rule based on decentralization of Turkey. The HDP Election Manifesto puts forth a democratic model which guarantees fundamental rights for all. Continue reading


Solidarity Messages After Ankara Bombing

wpid-img_20151010_143124.jpgHere are the solidarity messages after Ankara bombing form all over the world: Continue reading

We apologize to the public and our peoples


On Monday, October 11, we shared the info that 128 citizens lost their lives at the Peace Rally Massacre, based on the data from our Crisis Center.

Following the massacre, the difficulties and obstacles involved in collecting info from health institutions and official authorities, especially the Ministry of Health, the difficulties we faced when trying to add up the lists coming from different institutions to our Crisis Center, the existence of those victims we couldn’t hear from, the enumeration system at Legal Medicine, and the situation faced in relation to the physical integrity of the deceased bodies have made it hard to declare the number of lost ones, and it has been realized that there was an error in the numbers we provided. We apologize to the public and our peoples for this mistake. Continue reading

Call to the International Community

wpid-img_20151010_143124.jpgOn October 10th, a Peace Rally that brought together many civil society organizations, revolutionary unions, and progressive and democratic parties, among them HDP, was the target of a horrendous attack. Unfortunately, at least 128 of our fellow citizens were murdered in this attack, and hundreds wounded. We are concerned that the death toll may rise, as 48 among the wounded are in critical condition. This attack will go down as one of the bloodiest in the history of our republic. Continue reading

HDP CEC Resolution: We Condemn the Attack Against Our People Demanding Peace

wpid-img_20151010_143124.jpgOur people who said “guns should be silenced without buts and only ifs”, who organized demonstrations and hit the streets to make this demand real were attacked viciously.

Firstly, we wish God’s mercy and grace to 97 lives we lost, and send our condolences to their families and our people, and  hope that hundreds of people who got wounded get better soon. Continue reading

Ankara – Bomb Attack to the Peace Meeting

wpid-img_20151010_143124.jpgTo the International Community:

Today, on October 10, a bomb attacked took place at the rally in Ankara which was organized by democratic NGOs including KESK, DISK, TMMOB and TTB and which HDP had strongly supported. The rally was organized against war and AKP’s hostile and violent policies; thus hundreds of people around Turkey gathered to claim peace and put pressure on the government to end the war which has been conducted for over two months. Continue reading

Solidarity Campaign with Peoples’ Democratic Party!

HDPSpotSolidarity with the Peoples Democratic Party!

We demand an end to the campaign of violence in Turkey!

We, intellectuals, academicxs, activists, organizations, social and political leaders from Latin America, want to express our deep concern over the escalation of violence in Turkey against the Kurdish civilian population and against the Peoples Democratic Party (HDP): Continue reading