The Criminal Complaint Filed against the Perpetrators of the Attack on Our HQ

hdp office

Our Law Commission has filed criminal complaints for public action to be taken against the Minister of the Interior Selami Altınok, Governor of Ankara Mehmet Kılıçlar, Ankara Provincial Police Chief Kadri Kartal, Çankaya District Governor Aydın Ergün, the Head of the High Priority Areas Protection Agency, the police officers instructed with protecting our party and those who orchestrated the attack on our party due to the following crimes:

-Attempted murder
-Misconduct in office (Turkish Penal Code – Article 257: TPC-257)
-Neglect of duty
-Provoking people to be rancorous and hostile (TPC-216)
-Defamation (TPC-125)
-Damage to property
-Prevention of use of political rights (TPC-114)
-Discriminatory behavior (TPC-122)
-Deterioration of peace and order (TPC-123)
-Endangering public safety intentionally (TPC-170)
-Threat with the intention of causing fear and panic among people (TPC-213)
-Provoking commission of offense (TPC-214).

Peoples’ Democratic Party
10 September 2015


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