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Press Release by HDP: For the Attention of the Press and the Public Opinion 

HDPSpotAfter failing to achieve their desired results from the elections, the AKP has thrown Turkey into a spiral of violence. Out of fear of losing power or worse still, being held accountable for their deeds, the AKP has cast Turkey into an inferno. However, realizing that they will not be able to achieve their desired results in the November 1st elections either, there has been an exponential increase in violence and violations of rights. Continue reading


Information File on Crisis in Turkey


The escalating violence in Turkey causes a regional instability and affects everyone in the Middle East and Europe as well. Therefore, HDP Foreign Affairs Commission has prepared the attached information file regarding the background of the violence with the specific events that causes deadlock on negotiations and peace process in Turkey.

For downloading the file: Information file on Crisis in Turkey-EN

Civilian Losses and Assaults at HDP Offices in Numbers (Law Commission Report 17 June-26 August)


Following the 7 June elections, in the time period between 17 June- 26 August 2015, 78 civilians have lost their lives. Furthermore, between 4-19 August, there have been 9 assaults directed at HDP offices. In the custody operations that started after the 7 June elections, 1.628 people have been taken into custody and 298 people have been arrested as of 26 August 2015. Continue reading



1- September 6th 2015, ISTANBUL (KAGITHANE)- Sedat Akbas (21) was stabbed to death while waiting at a bus stop because, according to his attackers, “he was speaking Kurdish” on the phone.

2- September 6th 2015, MERSIN- Since the night of September 6th 2015, a group of people has been waylaying and attacking buses on the highway between Mersin and Antalya bound for the east and southeast of the country. Lawyers have been contacted and a criminal complaint is being prepared, there are a sufficient number of lawyers on the local level. Continue reading

The Criminal Complaint Filed against the Perpetrators of the Attack on Our HQ

hdp office

Our Law Commission has filed criminal complaints for public action to be taken against the Minister of the Interior Selami Altınok, Governor of Ankara Mehmet Kılıçlar, Ankara Provincial Police Chief Kadri Kartal, Çankaya District Governor Aydın Ergün, the Head of the High Priority Areas Protection Agency, the police officers instructed with protecting our party and those who orchestrated the attack on our party due to the following crimes: Continue reading



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Turkey is increasingly drifting into a civil war. Politics of violence have escalated after the general elections of June 7 led by the AKP provisional government. Today, the peace and negotiation process between PKK and the Turkish state has come to a halt and war has started again. Continue reading

Call From Minority Rights Group International

Minority Rights Group International (MRG) is extremely concerned by the ongoing violence between state security forces and the PKK in Turkey, urges an immediate resolution to the crisis, and a resumption of the peace process.

‘Both sides in the conflict need to declare a ceasefire before many more people lose their lives. The Turkish government must also turn the current dialogue with the PKK into official negotiations, with a view to resuming the peace process, and preserving a ceasefire,’ says Nurcan Kaya, MRG’s Turkey Project Coordinator. Continue reading