Message of Solidarity from Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan


The Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan strongly condemns the bombing attack by ISIS that caused the death of 31 young people and more than 100 seriously injured on the 20th of July in the border city of Suruc in Turkey close to Kobani.

The victims were members of the Federation of Socialist Youth Associations, which is known as youth organization of ESP (Socialist Party of the Oppressed). They were planning to cross into Kobani to rebuild schools, hospitals, museums, libraries…etc. Their gathering aimed at showing the world that there is another front that faces ISIS and its devastative strategy by reconstructing the ruins and thus by supporting the people of Kobani.

Our hearts go out to the families and friends of the victims and we share deeply in their grief.

Whilst these young people, regardless of ethnicity or nationality, wanted to show their solidarity to Kobani, the Turkish government has overtly supported ISIS logistically and even more opened its borders to their black Islamic forces to cross to Syria and fight against people there. The timid condemnation of the Interior Ministry of Turkey does not change this fact.

This is the outcome of the imperialistic war over power of which political Islam and ISIS are a part.

Once again we show our solidarity to the families and friends of the victims, the Federation of Socialist Youth Associations and Kobani.

Suruc and Kobani are not alone. There is an international solidarity consisted of socialists, communists, workers organizations, humanitarian and human right activists that supports them. Confronting ISIS and its supporters is one of the ways to help to people in Kobani and Suruc.

Dashty Jamal
In charge of Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan- Abroad Organization


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