The Galizan Movement for Socialism expresses its strongest condemnation against the attack of the Islamic State or Daesh in Suruç, on the border between the Turkish and Syrian states and very close to Kobanî, which caused the death of 28 young people and close to 100 wounded, members of  the Federation of Socialist Youth. We denounce the responsibility of the Turkish government led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Party of Justice and Development – Adalet ve Kalkinma Partisi, AKP-. We express our support and solidarity with all the peoples who had to suffer a great suffering because of this extremist organization, its allies and other similar organizations that have specially advanced in Iraq, in Syria and in Kurdistan, and also in other threatened countries.

We also show our solidarity with the international struggle developed in Kobani and all the people who resist Daesh and imperialism. In particular, we send a fraternal greeting to the Democracy Party of Peoples / Partiya Demokratik  a  Gelan,  HDP-. We  consider  essential  the  development  of  responses  in  every  country  against capitalist barbarism and their immediate and following projects.

Nowadays, Turkey intends to act as a power in the relevant new imperialist strategy: a deep restructuring of the region that is ongoing, organized from violence and imposition. The Turkish oligarchy is already combining their own interests with the general subordination to the interests of the United States and NATO, as evidenced by, among other factors, by its role in the neo-colonial aggression developed in Syria. This design comes in direct contradiction with the rights and aspirations of the peoples, and is incompatible with a future of peace, equality and justice: it only brings more violence, oppression and misery for the masses.

In particular, we are aware of the great difficulties facing the political action and social mobilization in the Turkish state, which continues without recognizing not only the most basic national rights, social and democratic, but the mere existence of the Kurdish people. Precisely Erdogan sought to approve a constitutional reform that reinforced over his power and of his party, the AKP, which holds a reactionary government, fully committed to capitalism, neoliberalism and imperialism.

In this regard, we wish to Kurdistan the same future of emancipation that we desire for our people and for all the world: the power in the hands of the people by means of an independent and socialist Estate, the defeat of patriarchy, able to develop its economy fairly and sustainably, to build their own culture freely and creatively and interact on an equal relationship with the other nations of the planet. All the revolutionary organizations of the world have a historical responsibility in the fight against imperialism and its catastrophic consequences in all areas.

We also hope that the advances of the Kurdish people contribute to the construction of a different alternative in the Turkish state, led by the popular forces, away from any involvement in the structures imperialists and engaged in real initiatives of peace and progress throughout the region, particularly in Cyprus, Syria Iraq and Iran, not to mention the historical and fair demands of the heroic Palestinian people.

We wish that the forthcoming days are favorable to the rapprochement between our respective peoples and we wish to have more opportunities to exchange information and analysis, as well as to express again our solidarity with your struggle.

Biji Kurdistan!

José E. Vicente
International Relations Department


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