We Can Overcome Prejudices, Hatred and Violence Only with a Culture of Equal and Free Life


LGBTI people of Turkey have been  resisting for years against social disregard, being prisoned to a life of oppression, and hate murders.

Pride March are organized in the final week of June, where the LGBTI demands of freedom, justice and peace are voiced stronger every year.

Once again, Pride March on June 28 is the final event of the 23rd Pride Week, which will strengthen LGBTI’s search for equality and freedom.

The struggle for ‘New Life’, together with the values of ‘Great Humanity, which were strengthened by the June 7 elections aim to achieve progress to end human rights violations, discrimination and oppression, based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

We believe in the importance of the fight for a free society in which noone would be subject to persecution for their identity and sexual orientation, everyone would be equal under law and would have access to their social rights.


HDP Central Executive Commitee


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