EAFJD Supports the HDP in the 2015 Parliamentary Elections of Turkey

BRUSSELS,  18  May  2015  –  The  European  Armenian  Federation  for  Justice  and  Democracy (EAFJD)  calls  on  Turkish  citizens  living  in  Europe  to  vote  for  the  Peoples’  Democratic  Party (Turkish:  Halkların  Demokratik  Partisi,  HDP)  in  the  June  7  parliamentary  elections  of Turkey.

EAFJD’s  support  for  the  HDP  is  based  on  the  shared  values  and  approaches  on  many  issues of  mutual  interest.  We  consider  the  HDP  to  be  a  progressive  force  in  Turkey,  actively struggling  for  peoples’  rights  in  their  vernacular  and  with  respect  to  their  cultural,  religious beliefs and background.

The  EAFJD  has  been  in  an  ongoing  dialogue  with  the  HDP  since  the  latter’s  foundation  and has already supported the candidacy of several ethnic Armenians as candidates of the HDP.

The  EAFJD  expects  the  Turkish  authorities  to  ensure  a  free  and  fair  campaign  cycle  and elections and is continuously and closely monitoring the course of events.

The  European  Armenian  Federation  wishes  the  HDP  success  in  the  upcoming  parliamentary elections.  An  HDP  parliamentary  group  in  the  Grand  National  Assembly  of  Turkey  would mean the presence of a party for freedom, equality, peace and justice.



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