You Cannot Intimidate Us With Attacks!


As June 7 approaches, violent attacks on our party increase. As of today, our party buildings -including our HQ- vehicles, members and volunteers have been attacked at 60 different places. The bombings occurring at our party buildings in Adana and Mersin this morning show the extent of this violence. 6 managers and  members were injured at the attack at our Adana party building.

The government wants to bring dark forces into play in order to prevent our party’s progress and election activities. Political responsibility of these attacks rests primarily upon the President Erdoğan, followed by the PM Davutoğlu and other members of the AKP government. Those who point our party as target whenever they speak, the mentality that insults and defames our Co-chairs, party managers and MP candidates, harvested their newest crops today in Adana and Mersin.

Let it be known that no force is capable of preventing HDP’s coming together with the peoples of Turkey. Our calls for ‘New Life’ and ‘Great Humanity’ continue to be invigorated all around Turkey.

We severely condemn the bombings done at our Adana and Mersin party buildings and expect that perpetrators are found out immediately.

Peoples’ Democratic Party
Central Executive Commitee
May 18, 2015


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