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Green Party of England & Wales Supports HDP in the Election


The Turkish general election is days away, and Turkish voters who live in London can vote this weekend following a 2012 regulation that permits citizens to vote in the country in which they reside.

With campaigning reaching a peak, it seems likely that the ruling Justice and Development party (AKP) will win. However, the supermajority required may elude President Erdogan.

The pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP) can secure representation in a new parliament, marking a significant shift in Turkish politics by moving away from the era of AKP single-party governments.

Commenting on the elections, Jean Lambert, London’s Green MEP said:

‘The HDP are a party with an ecological, pro-democracy, equality driven agenda. They are also clear about wanting autonomy and peace for the Kurds. Their representation is important.’

International coordinator of the Green Party of England and Wales, Derek Wall concluded:

‘They are an inspiration. Success for the HDP would be a win for the Kurds, the LGBT community and the Turkish Greens who are part of the HDP. More should be done to promote their message. Turkish voters who want to influence their country’s future can vote in the General Election this weekend at Olympia.’

Turkey has the world’s highest electoral threshold, requiring a 10% vote share to achieve representation. The general election takes place on the 7th of June.

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Hamma Hammami: Long live HDP! Forward to victory!


Hamma Hammami, Leader of the Popular Front of Tunisia spoke at HDP’s Hatay meeting:

I’m here with my comrade to show solidarity with you. We know that peoples of Turkey have suffered and still suffering under dictatorship, especially under AKP administration. We know that AKP continues its bribery and corruption policy. AKP’s domestic and international practices have failed and because of this they are trying to interfere in the affairs of the neighbouring countries. They are even trying to interfere in our country. We will stand side by side with you. We are together with you for a free, democratic, equal and socially just Turkey where peoples live fraternally.

You must know that you have sisters and brothers in Tunisia who share the same goals with you. They are also struggling for freedom and equality. We got rid of the dictatorship but we still continue our revolutionary march. We believe that we can achieve it in Tunisia. We promise to maintain our relations with you in all areas in a manner of peace and solidarity.

We know that there are some Tunisian youth that have joined the bloody war in Syria. But majority of Tunisians are against this and trying to stop this. We are struggling in every way to stop these young people to join the war in Syria. We don’t want young people of Tunisia to make politics over destruction of another country. We want democracy and peace for your entire region.

Long live HDP! Forward to victory!

EELV Calls to Vote for HDP


Parliament elections come to pass on June 7th in Turkey and until May 31st for the citizens of Turkey residing abroad. These elections are the occasion to advance ecology, the democracy and peace in Turkey.

The Ecology Party, Yeșiller ve Sol Gelecek Partisi, member like EELV of the Green Party European, decided to take part in these elections in coalition with several political parties and movements citizens progressists having in heart to defend the rights of minorities, of the women, the children, the workers,  LGBT community and of course to protect the environment.

This coalition, Peoples’ Democratic Party, HDP, all the more deserves the support of all the voters since is it the only one able to call into question the hegemony of  AKP. Indeed, particulary unjust Turkish electoral system prohibits numerous parties having less than 10% of the votes to enter to the Parliament and redistributes the seats mainly between leading parties.

EELV thus calls all those  which have voting right  to go to theTurkish  consulates  before May 31st and to help  HDP to cross this threshold of 10%, to prevent the AKP from modifying the Constitution with its own way, to call into question the nuclear power and all the great projects which seriously endanger nature in Turkey and in its neighbors (3rd airport, 3rd bridge, Istanbul channel, election threshold… etc.) and to make progress the peace process with Kurdish. The voters  living out of Turkey can tip the scales.

Lastly, EELV particularly supports the 24 candidates of Yeșiller ve Sol Gelecek Partisi and especially Saruhan Oluç chief candidate HDP in the district of Antalya. If the HDP passes the threshold, he will be the first deputy ecologist of the history of Turkey.

SYRIZA Representative Yiannis Bournous’ Speech At Our İzmir Rally


Yiannis Bournous

Member of the Political Secretariat of SYRIZA

Head Responsible for European Policy, International Relations, Foreign Policy & Defense, Greek diaspora

Dear friends,

I am coming from a country which, in the last five years, was used as an experimentation field for the establishment of an authoritarian, neoliberal regime.

The extreme austerity programs that were applied in Greece by both social-democratic and right-wing governments, in cooperation with the EU and the IMF, lead to a social disaster.

Greece has 1,5 million unemployed people. General unemployment rate has reached 30% and youth unemployment is at 60%.

In the last 3 years, more than 300,000 Greeks, among them more than 100.000 young scientists, have migrated abroad to find a job.

In the last 5 years, 1/3 of the Greek population has lost access to social security and free healthcare.

Because of neoliberal austerity, Greece has become a victim of a humanitarian crisis.

That’s why, in 25 January, the Greek people made a historical decision: They elected SYRIZA as the leading political party in Greece and gave us the opportunity to form the first left government in the history of our country.

SYRIZA and the Greek government are fighting to end austerity policies and restore people’s dignity, solidarity and democracy.

We are fighting to stop the humanitarian crisis, by offering free electricity, free healthcare, free food and low-cost housing to hundreds of thousands of people who live in extreme poverty.

We are focusing on a program for the recovery of the society and the economy; for the protection of the popular and middle classes, the youth, women, workers, farmers and pensioners.

Step by step, we are building a new, truly democratic and transparent state.

We are fighting against corrupted, bureaucratic and clientelist mechanisms that ruled our country for the last 40 years.

The Greek government has already approved a law for the restructuring of private debts of over-indebted households and small and medium businesses towards the state and social security funds, so as to assist weakest citizens in repaying their debts.

We are also preparing regulations for the reduction of the cost of medicine, free public transports for long-term unemployed citizens, reduction of the tax on heating oil, protection of primary residence of over-indebted citizens from bank confiscations.

Last but not least, one of our central aims is to restore collective contracts and the minimum wage in the private sector, in order to give our workers the chance to work under decent conditions with decent wages.

At this point, allow me to send a warm message of solidarity to the workers in Renault and Fiat-Tofas in Bursa who are fighting for the same reasons.

The fight of SYRIZA and the Greek people for a better future is not only a national fight.

It is a common fight with all the peoples of Europe that are fighting against misery and unemployment.

It is a common fight with all progressive and democratic social and political forces, which are fighting for democracy, peace and social justice.

The political change that is taking place in Greece opens the window for progressive changes in our region and in Europe as a whole.

In the current, turbulent period of social, economic, cultural and military crises, the reinforcement of peoples’ solidarity is a historical duty for the protection of our region from chauvinistic and extremist tendencies.

SYRIZA is ready to open the dialogue and cooperate with all democratic forces.

A dialogue among equal partners, based on the principles of peace, solidarity, democracy and mutual interest, as the only way to resolve existing challenges.

Because, as Nazim Hikmet once wrote:

“The most beautiful sea

hasn’t been crossed yet.

The most beautiful child

hasn’t grown up yet.

The most beautiful days

we haven’t seen yet.

And the most beautiful words I wanted to tell you

I haven’t said yet…”


İzmir, 23 May 2015
HDP Electoral Rally

EAFJD Supports the HDP in the 2015 Parliamentary Elections of Turkey

BRUSSELS,  18  May  2015  –  The  European  Armenian  Federation  for  Justice  and  Democracy (EAFJD)  calls  on  Turkish  citizens  living  in  Europe  to  vote  for  the  Peoples’  Democratic  Party (Turkish:  Halkların  Demokratik  Partisi,  HDP)  in  the  June  7  parliamentary  elections  of Turkey.

EAFJD’s  support  for  the  HDP  is  based  on  the  shared  values  and  approaches  on  many  issues of  mutual  interest.  We  consider  the  HDP  to  be  a  progressive  force  in  Turkey,  actively struggling  for  peoples’  rights  in  their  vernacular  and  with  respect  to  their  cultural,  religious beliefs and background.

The  EAFJD  has  been  in  an  ongoing  dialogue  with  the  HDP  since  the  latter’s  foundation  and has already supported the candidacy of several ethnic Armenians as candidates of the HDP.

The  EAFJD  expects  the  Turkish  authorities  to  ensure  a  free  and  fair  campaign  cycle  and elections and is continuously and closely monitoring the course of events.

The  European  Armenian  Federation  wishes  the  HDP  success  in  the  upcoming  parliamentary elections.  An  HDP  parliamentary  group  in  the  Grand  National  Assembly  of  Turkey  would mean the presence of a party for freedom, equality, peace and justice.


You Cannot Intimidate Us With Attacks!


As June 7 approaches, violent attacks on our party increase. As of today, our party buildings -including our HQ- vehicles, members and volunteers have been attacked at 60 different places. The bombings occurring at our party buildings in Adana and Mersin this morning show the extent of this violence. 6 managers and  members were injured at the attack at our Adana party building.

The government wants to bring dark forces into play in order to prevent our party’s progress and election activities. Political responsibility of these attacks rests primarily upon the President Erdoğan, followed by the PM Davutoğlu and other members of the AKP government. Those who point our party as target whenever they speak, the mentality that insults and defames our Co-chairs, party managers and MP candidates, harvested their newest crops today in Adana and Mersin.

Let it be known that no force is capable of preventing HDP’s coming together with the peoples of Turkey. Our calls for ‘New Life’ and ‘Great Humanity’ continue to be invigorated all around Turkey.

We severely condemn the bombings done at our Adana and Mersin party buildings and expect that perpetrators are found out immediately.

Peoples’ Democratic Party
Central Executive Commitee
May 18, 2015

Turkish Elections: PCF supports HDP candidates and Selahattin Demirtaş


On June 7th, parliamentary elections will take place in Turkey. President Erdoğan wants to take advantage of them to reinforce his authoritarianism, to increase the infringements upon freedoms, secularity, and women’s rights, and to accentuate his policy of social regression.

This prospect is very dangerous because it could call into question the peace process initiated by Abdullah Öcalan and the PKK and could also consolidate support from Ankara for Jihadist groups with an aim of breaking, in particular, the autonomy of Rojava in Syria.

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