Solidarity Message Against Garissa Attack in Kenya

HDP10Dear Friends,

We strongly condemn Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shababs attack against Garissa University in Kenya.  As a result of this terrible attack, we meet with great sorrow that 147 people who are mostly Christians lost their lives.

This brutal attack experienced in Kenya has once again revealed the fact that struggles for a democratic and libertarian life to be realized all around the world should be strengthened. We believe that the most effective way to avoid attacks of fundamentalist looters such as ISIS in the Middle East, Al Shabab and Boko Haram in Africa is democratic popular struggles aiming at coexistence of all peoples and beliefs on the basis of equality and freedom.

In this context, the challenge of democratic and libertarian strugglers all around the world and everywhere in the region against global capitalism and regional reactionism, which allow the emergence and reinforcing of fascist looters like Al Shabab, would reduce the possibility of similar pains in the future. In this manner, we would like to express our solidarity with the progressive, democratic popular forces carrying out struggle in Kenya.
We convey condolences to the families of young people who lost their lives in the attack and want to express that we share their pain heartily.

All the best,


Peoples Democratic Party (HDP) Foreign Relations Commission


One response to “Solidarity Message Against Garissa Attack in Kenya

  1. et’s see, France can attack Iraq,and France can support attacks on Syria, but if anything should happen to France oh,my God! You see the similarity with the USA. Excuse me while I try to put my ass back on. O.K. more innocent lives killed check, more violence as a result? I guess we can wait and see but it will be a check. The west has sought control of the mid-east more and more for a hundred years honestly I think your pointy finger has been all used up.

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