In Its Third Year We Will Not Forget Roboski…

roboski3Three years ago in Roboski, warcrafts of the state massacred 34 people, most of them being children. The state bombed the civilians who do border trade taking big risks in order to maintain their lives. It has been three years since Roboski Massacre yet the responsibles have not been put on trial. Kurdish families from Roboski were accused, reprimanded and arrested. No apologies were extended to those who lost their loved ones during Roboski Massacre.

Families from Roboski, consicientious individuals and democratic institutions have demanded the responsibles to be put on trial. Civil society, institutions on human rights, democratic mass organisations, political parties -mainly our party-, advocates and Bar associations have been following up the process.

However soldiers, civilians, bureucrats and politicians who are responsible from this massacre are still being protected facing not even any administrative investigations. Finally the law case concerning the massacre was returned to the headquarters of the massacre.

Although the responsibles were identified through official correspondences none of the statements of the perpetrators were taken and the charges against each one of them were dismissed. Objections to the dismissal of the charges were dismissed by the Turkish Air Force. To this day there is no result concerning the appeal made on July 2013 before the Constitutional Court. Majority of the commission members of the Grand Assembly from AKP drafted reports in order to circumvent the discussions regarding the massacre, where the reports drafted by our members which clarify the details of the massacre were not taken into account. Former Prime Minister Erdoğan did not take any steps to put the responsibles on trial and even thanked the Turkish General Staff for their “sensitiveness”.

Roboski Massacre is the result of a planned and intentional war policy against the Kurdish people. It is the political power who planned and adjudicated this massacre.

Roboski Massacre, stroke a blow against the desire of our people to live together and demands of democracy, freedom and equality of the Kurdish people. We will not keep silent until the political and military responsibles are put on trial. Our principle demand is for the political power to face with the past and reveal the truth. Regardless of the time passed since this massacre, until the perpetrators are sentenced it is impossible to establish a permanent, fair and restorative societal peace.

We are determined to follow up all legal procedures in order for the perpetrators of the Roboski Massacre to be put on trial and sentenced. As the people of Turkey, democratic and peaceful powers we will keep our struggle and will not forget the massacre and bring the responsibles to account.

HDP Central Executive Board
27 December 2014


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