We Condemn the Talibani Attack Targeting Pakistani Children

wpid-wp-1418286686079.png We have accepted the news about the killing of more than 126 people including at least 100 children during the school attack in Pashawar city of Pakistan with deep grieve and anger.

This cruel attack can not have any reasonable ground. We once again call upon everyone from every religion and ethnicity to stand together against such radical groups that disregard peace and global values of humanity and the right to life which constitute the core value of Islam and urge everyone once again that such erratic perceptions should not be tolerated in any way.

We also call upon the officials to stop using legitimizing terms such as “a group of angry people” in response of similar attacks and felonious executions against civilians, children and women carried out by violent jihadist group of ISIS in our geography. Within this context we underline the importance and urgency of the need to prevent and eliminate the actions of such jihadist organizations targeting civillians in a national and global manner.

We urge the AKP Government for their tolerance towards organizations and publications in Turkey which affirm and accept attacks similar to the tragedy in Pakistan and call upon them to take necessary precautions.

As HDP, we send our best wishes to the injured in Pashawar for a quick recovery and send our condolences to the Pakistani people mourning for the children and teachers who lost their lives.

Nazmi Gür
Member of Parliament of Van and Vice Co-Chair of HDP
December, 16th 2014


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