We Send Our Condolonces to Palestinian People


We strongly condemn Israeli soldiers’ killing of Palestinian Minister Ziad Abu Ayn.

We wish mercy for Ziad Abu Ayn, one of the representatives of the Palestinian people, send our condolonces to his family, relatives and Palestinian people.

With the increase in the state violence against Palestinians after the provocative statements of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and senior representatives of Israeli State, it raises the possibility of on going political murders committed by Israeli State.

It’s obvious that Israel’s political power, one of the most important elements of why the Middleeast crisis become obstinant and aims racism to become a regime, will spread more instability to the region.

We call on Israel State’s all political representatives to step away from systematic violence, attitudes that’ll raise racism and  imposing unilateral moves.

We call on international community to be sensitive and contribute an immediate political solution in order to cease the extreme violence Palestinians subjected to and not to experience probable revenges.

Selahattin Demirtaş – Figen Yüksekdağ
HDP Co-Chairs
10 Aralık 2014


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