We do not Warn PM Ahmet Davutoğlu!


We are calling  Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu for common sense. “Demirtaş is responsible for each drop of blood to be shed” is an extremely irresponsible. We will never ever accept that kind of political lynching attempts, accusations, attacks and hostile attitudes towards our Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş. HDP, with its all members, friends and organizations; with all the organizations of democracy, labour class and peace will support Selahattin Demirtaş.

By all means, as our Co-Chair has said, we will oppose the new security package both in the Parliament and on streets. We will use our right to criticize and objection by demonstrating and conducting democratic activities. If the law get into force, we will carry out our democratic struggle in order to change it.

We exactly agree with our Co-Chair’s statement. According to us, this draft has the potential to dynamite the negotiation process. Likewise even the law has not gotten into force yet, police already executed an 18 year-old child, Rojhat Özdel, in Yüksekova- the district of Hakkari. When the law passes, they will act more recklessly. Peoples of Turkey have not forgotten the killing of 8 young people and the violence against ten thousands of people during the Gezi Resistance.

By mentioning these, HDP, encourages people neither to use the molotov cocktail nor to loot and use violence in the demonstrations.

We exactly agree with our Co-Chair’s statement. Public order is important but public order cannot be provided by batons, gases and oppression. Public order can be achieved with democracy. Public order can be achieved by promoting freedoms. People are taking on streets against oppression and injustice, not because they are thrilled with demonstrating. If you say “I’ll execute people on the streets, I’ll ban going out streets” instead of understanding and listening them, it will backlash.  Throughout the world and in the history, people walking against tanks and cannons to struggle with oppression and unjustness have become heroes.

Dozens of our people lost their lives on 6-8 October. The Prime Minister, instead of accusing HDP, has to give an account of this as a government responsible for the deaths. Government also has to explain why it refused our proposal which is the establishments of an Inquiry Commission in this regard.

Our Co-Chair Demirtaş, repeatedly emphasised that he is talking about democratic practice of people’s constitutional rights of assembly and demonstration. But the Prime Minister wants to administer the country by restricting the democratic front. Government wants nobody make collective demonstrations and motions.
Restricting democratic front means seizure of democratic rights and increases reactions in international terms. The Prime Minister’s statements show that the government will use violence on people who use their democratic rights and put   the outcomes of its own actions on HDP’s shoulders.

We appeal to the Government: If you are sincere about the resolution process, take the initiative for democratization, start to the negotiations and make legal regulations. Any other policy except that will be perceived as a delaying tactic and won’t be accepted.

HDP Central Executive Board
10 December 2014


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