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In Its Third Year We Will Not Forget Roboski…

roboski3Three years ago in Roboski, warcrafts of the state massacred 34 people, most of them being children. The state bombed the civilians who do border trade taking big risks in order to maintain their lives. It has been three years since Roboski Massacre yet the responsibles have not been put on trial. Kurdish families from Roboski were accused, reprimanded and arrested. No apologies were extended to those who lost their loved ones during Roboski Massacre.

Families from Roboski, consicientious individuals and democratic institutions have demanded the responsibles to be put on trial. Civil society, institutions on human rights, democratic mass organisations, political parties -mainly our party-, advocates and Bar associations have been following up the process.

However soldiers, civilians, bureucrats and politicians who are responsible from this massacre are still being protected facing not even any administrative investigations. Finally the law case concerning the massacre was returned to the headquarters of the massacre. Continue reading


Iranian Regime Should Stop Infringement of Human Rights

webicin2725Hunger strike of 29 Kurdish prisoners in Urmiye prison of Iran has reached its 30th day. Situation of the ones who are carrying out the hunger strike against the torture, infringement of right to a fair trial and right to defense and human rights are getting worse.

Negativity of the Iranian regime towards a solution of Kurdish problem keeps getting deeper with the execution of Kurdish prisoners. Continue reading

Co Chair Demirtaş: Turkey Must Face the Armenian Genocide

Our co-chair Selahattin Demirtas talks about the role of Kurds in Turkey’s democratization process, our party’s position regarding the Armenian Genocide, as well as the steps our party could take in the context of Armenia-Turkey relations if we come to power.

We Condemn the Talibani Attack Targeting Pakistani Children

wpid-wp-1418286686079.png We have accepted the news about the killing of more than 126 people including at least 100 children during the school attack in Pashawar city of Pakistan with deep grieve and anger.

This cruel attack can not have any reasonable ground. We once again call upon everyone from every religion and ethnicity to stand together against such radical groups that disregard peace and global values of humanity and the right to life which constitute the core value of Islam and urge everyone once again that such erratic perceptions should not be tolerated in any way.

We also call upon the officials to stop using legitimizing terms such as “a group of angry people” in response of similar attacks and felonious executions against civilians, children and women carried out by violent jihadist group of ISIS in our geography. Within this context we underline the importance and urgency of the need to prevent and eliminate the actions of such jihadist organizations targeting civillians in a national and global manner.
Continue reading

We Send Our Condolonces to Palestinian People


We strongly condemn Israeli soldiers’ killing of Palestinian Minister Ziad Abu Ayn.

We wish mercy for Ziad Abu Ayn, one of the representatives of the Palestinian people, send our condolonces to his family, relatives and Palestinian people.

With the increase in the state violence against Palestinians after the provocative statements of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and senior representatives of Israeli State, it raises the possibility of on going political murders committed by Israeli State.

It’s obvious that Israel’s political power, one of the most important elements of why the Middleeast crisis become obstinant and aims racism to become a regime, will spread more instability to the region.

We call on Israel State’s all political representatives to step away from systematic violence, attitudes that’ll raise racism and  imposing unilateral moves.

We call on international community to be sensitive and contribute an immediate political solution in order to cease the extreme violence Palestinians subjected to and not to experience probable revenges.

Selahattin Demirtaş – Figen Yüksekdağ
HDP Co-Chairs
10 Aralık 2014

We do not Warn PM Ahmet Davutoğlu!


We are calling  Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu for common sense. “Demirtaş is responsible for each drop of blood to be shed” is an extremely irresponsible. We will never ever accept that kind of political lynching attempts, accusations, attacks and hostile attitudes towards our Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş. HDP, with its all members, friends and organizations; with all the organizations of democracy, labour class and peace will support Selahattin Demirtaş.

By all means, as our Co-Chair has said, we will oppose the new security package both in the Parliament and on streets. We will use our right to criticize and objection by demonstrating and conducting democratic activities. If the law get into force, we will carry out our democratic struggle in order to change it. Continue reading