We Shall Join the Action on the 1st of November “For Kobanê For Humanity”

hdk_dbp_hdp_dtk4From Argentina to India, Ecuador to Italy, the intellectuals including Noam CHOMSKY and Nobel Peace Prize Owner Adolfo Perez EZQUIVEL, made international action call “For Humanity, For Kobanê” on September 1. With this action it is aimed that 43-day resistance of people in Kobanê against the attacks of ISIS gangs will be saluted by whole world.

We, political parties and institutions named below, support that call and calling our peoples that have supported Kobanê till the beginning of the resistance, once again to take streets and maintain this international action.

Because; ISIS gangs targeted 3 cantons which established in Rojava by Kurds and other peoples living in the region. They attacked Kobanê, one of these cantons, 3 times in 2014. After the failed two attacks, this time started a massive attack from all the fronts with heavy weapons. Hundreds of thousands civilians have been threatened by modern history’s most brutal genocide. People of Kobanê and forces of YPG/YPJ have resisted with light weapons to terrorist ISIS’s brutal attacks.

The international coalition established to fight against ISIS supposedly, despite witnessing the ongoing genocide crime against Kobanê, is not helping effectively to the resistance in Kobanê. It doesn’t fulfill its international responsibilities. Some members of the coalition, especially Turkey, don’t give up supporting ISIS. It doesn’t open a humanitarian corridor, even holding out Peshmerga’s pass. Kobanê as for that, by resisting for 44 days is giving humanity course to the world.

For this, we should join the international anti-ISIS action of “For Kobanê, For Humanity”!

Democratic Autonomy in Rojava is promising a free future for all peoples in Syria. “The Rojava Model”, as a governance model, means a non-secterian, secular, democratic, pluralist unity model for peoples in this sense.

Humanitarian corridor should be opened immediately. The status of Rojava Cantons should be recognized immediately.

It’s Time to Act Now!

It’s time to show to the whole world and our peoples that there is a different world, a free and equal world other than imperialists and repressive states have showed.

We call our people to take streets with people all over the world to support Kobanê and raise democratic actions on September 1.

We shall support the anti-ISIS international action…

We shall take the streets on 1st of November “For Kobanê For Humanity”

People’s Democratic Congress
Democratic Society Congress
People’s Democratic Party
Democratic Regions Party


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