A Call to International Public Opinion: Humanitarian Crises in Middle East

suruc(Situation Report on Humanitarian Crisis in Middle East – Inhuman Attacks of DAESH and Their Effects on Region)

The inhumanitarian violence attacks of DAESH since August 3, 2014 on Shingal (Sinjar) and Makhmour regions located Kurdistan Regional Government in Northern Iraq and since mid of September, 2014 on Canton of Kobane located in Rojava Kurdistan in Northern Syria have caused thousands of killings; hundreds of women —the exact number is still not known- to be captured, raped and sold as slaves; tens of children dead from hunger and thirst and over 500.000 people in Rojava and Shingal to be displaced.

Terrorizing the region in last 3 years, killing people with inhumane war methods, having to tolerance to different religions, sects, cultures and ethnicities, DAESH have caused a massive humanitarian tragedy in the region. Ezidis, Kurds, Turkmen, Chaldeans, Assyrians and the people from Shiite denomination are the ones who have been exposed to the DAESH violence at the highest level.

An intensive migration wave has began towards our region from settlement areas particularly from Shingal and Rojava Cantons that exposed to DAESH attacks. After the violence attacks of DAESH against civilians in Shingal, thousands of Ezidi people have sheltered to Shingal Mountains, while around 30.000 Ezidis entered to Kurdish region in Turkey over Habur, Yekmal and Roboski border cities by a walk over the mountains for days, without food and water.

Thereupon, Ezidi refugees who were placed temporarily in border cities in Kurdish region in the first place, then replaced in joint live areas (tent camps, building, houses etc.) in different cities and counties notably Diyarbakir, Mardin, Batman, Siirt and Viransehir with the initiative and supports of our local administrations, political parties and NGOs.

However, the coordination in the region has started to experience serious problems and lack of humanitarian aid when the former Rojava migrants and thousands of people newly migrating from Kobane and coming to the region over Suruc in these days due to the ongoing conflict is added to this extraordinary situation

As a result of our current data analyse in the region it is determined that there is 21.636 Ezidi migrants and only 2.840 of them are placed in an official camp of AFAD affiliated to Prime Ministry of Turkey. The remaining 18.796 Ezidis live in camps in the coordination of our local administrations.

As the consequence of DAESH attacks ongoing in Kobane, although the numbers of migrants are not clear yet due to the returns and new arrivals, there has been a migration mobility around 100.000 people within 23 days according to the unofficial figures take from Suruc Municipality. With adding the former migrations, the total number of migrants from Rojava has raised to around 200.000. The migrants moved from Kobane to Suruc live in difficult conditions in houses of local people, schools, big stores and centres without getting no official humanitarian aid. The earlier migrants from Rojava also live at houses and jerry-builts buildings in unhealthy and difficult conditions because no camp areas are built and there is no official aid.

The ongoing conflict and the people’s struggle to survive in challenged conditions require urgently the open of a humanitarian corridor and national and international support for the aid. The last open border gate’s being under attack of DAESH concerns us seriously about a mass killing and tragedy in Kobane.

In this context, we call upon you, our distinguished friends and the international democratic public opinion to become a party in this humanitarian crisis, make our voice heard to the world by all kind of press releases, articles, visits to the region and media to support the struggle against DAESH, stay in solidarity and most importantly contribute for humanitarian aid.

In below, you may see the details of official bank accounts opened by and on behalf of Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, the president and member municipality of GABB, for the refugees both from Rojava and Shingal.

All the financial or in-kind contributions that you will do, will be sent to the refugee centres in the region where the aid is needed according to the budget items formed by our institution; and will be used in line with the urgent needs of food, health, education and re-adaptation to the social life.

Kind regards,

Co-Mayor, Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality
GABB Co-President

Co-Mayor, Siirt Municipality
GABB Co-President

Official Bank Accounts Informations:

For Shingal:

Name and Branch of the Bank: Vakıflar Bankası Diyarbakır Merkez Şubesi

Euro Account: TR 53 0001 5001 5804 8014 8748 28


For Rojava:

Name and Branch of the Bank: Ziraat Bankası, Diyarbakır Şubesi

*IBAN: TR87 0001 0000 9131 5819 4050 11


*Please use SWIFT code for EURO account

Address: Şehitlik Mahallesi İstasyon Caddesi. Sümerpark Sosyal Hizmetler Binası Kat: 1 21100 Yenişehir/ Diyarbakır

Tel: 0412 224 53 37

Fax: 0412 224 53 38



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