Condolences and Solidarity Message to PUK

wpid-webicin26.pngH.E. PUK Leader Mr. Celal TALABANI
Distinguished Members of Central Executive Board of PUK.

We have sadly heard the suicide attacks to PUK Offices and public areas by ISIS/DAİŞ gangs in Qeretepe/Celawla. The martyrs are our martyrs too. We kindly let you know that we share your pain, sadness and feel of revenge. The struggle against DAİŞ needs unity of Kurds regardlees artificial borders and narrow interests. Today PYD, HPG and Peshmerga Forces are shoulder to shoulder and struggle against the peoples’ enemy together. The joint Kurdish Front is also a hope for the overcoming external threats of future.

We hope that this shadow will be removed by common struggle. We express our condolonces to your party, victims’ families and all the peoples of Kurdistan.

Respectfully yours,

Selahattin Demirtaş        Figen Yüksekdağ
Co-President of HDP      Co-President of HDP


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