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We Shall Join the Action on the 1st of November “For Kobanê For Humanity”

hdk_dbp_hdp_dtk4From Argentina to India, Ecuador to Italy, the intellectuals including Noam CHOMSKY and Nobel Peace Prize Owner Adolfo Perez EZQUIVEL, made international action call “For Humanity, For Kobanê” on September 1. With this action it is aimed that 43-day resistance of people in Kobanê against the attacks of ISIS gangs will be saluted by whole world.

We, political parties and institutions named below, support that call and calling our peoples that have supported Kobanê till the beginning of the resistance, once again to take streets and maintain this international action.

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A Call to International Public Opinion: Humanitarian Crises in Middle East

suruc(Situation Report on Humanitarian Crisis in Middle East – Inhuman Attacks of DAESH and Their Effects on Region)

The inhumanitarian violence attacks of DAESH since August 3, 2014 on Shingal (Sinjar) and Makhmour regions located Kurdistan Regional Government in Northern Iraq and since mid of September, 2014 on Canton of Kobane located in Rojava Kurdistan in Northern Syria have caused thousands of killings; hundreds of women —the exact number is still not known- to be captured, raped and sold as slaves; tens of children dead from hunger and thirst and over 500.000 people in Rojava and Shingal to be displaced.

Terrorizing the region in last 3 years, killing people with inhumane war methods, having to tolerance to different religions, sects, cultures and ethnicities, DAESH have caused a massive humanitarian tragedy in the region. Ezidis, Kurds, Turkmen, Chaldeans, Assyrians and the people from Shiite denomination are the ones who have been exposed to the DAESH violence at the highest level.
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Condolences and Solidarity Message to PUK

wpid-webicin26.pngH.E. PUK Leader Mr. Celal TALABANI
Distinguished Members of Central Executive Board of PUK.

We have sadly heard the suicide attacks to PUK Offices and public areas by ISIS/DAİŞ gangs in Qeretepe/Celawla. The martyrs are our martyrs too. We kindly let you know that we share your pain, sadness and feel of revenge. The struggle against DAİŞ needs unity of Kurds regardlees artificial borders and narrow interests. Today PYD, HPG and Peshmerga Forces are shoulder to shoulder and struggle against the peoples’ enemy together. The joint Kurdish Front is also a hope for the overcoming external threats of future.

We hope that this shadow will be removed by common struggle. We express our condolonces to your party, victims’ families and all the peoples of Kurdistan.

Respectfully yours,

Selahattin Demirtaş        Figen Yüksekdağ
Co-President of HDP      Co-President of HDP

Urgent Call to International Public Opinion! Kobane Canton in North Syria (Rojava) Under Siege by ISIS

wpid-webicin26.pngKobane Canton in North Syria has been resisting against ISIS (Iraq and Sham Islamic State) siege with their heavy arms and military concentration for 21 days. Kobane Canton which directly ruling by Kurdish, Assyrian, Armenian and Arab peoples in a form of a
legitimate assembly that a possible model for future of democratic and pluralist Syria.

Kobane Canton’s legitimate defense organization, YPG and the people almost isolated from four sides including Turkey Border. Due to the ongoing embargo by Turkish Government, Cobane Canton’s armed struggle against ISIS is not possible.
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Statement by HDP on Recent Developments in Rojava


Today, the peoples of the Middle East face the threat of a large-scale massacre. Peoples of the region, and particularly Syria and Iraqi peoples, reveal a historical resistance Against ISIS terror. These heavy attacks of ISIS, intensifying its attacks especially Kobane Canton of Rojava, are trying to be stopped by the big resistance and struggle of Kobane people and YPG forces. This resistance revealing in Kobane which is under the siege from four sides increasingly continues.

It is widely accepted by all sensitive parties that there are responsibilities particularly of some states of the region and their Western alliances in strengthening of ISIS whom brutal attacks and massacres it has carried out followed by the world. Hegemonic forces which have been playing a puzzle game in the region by all cultural, political and economic kinds of shaping forms over the lands and peoples of the Middle East since World War I have to face the horror created by ISIS monster being tried to be destroyed by Kurds and other democratic forces today. This situation also offers an opportunity to sovereign states having historical interests in the region for reconsidering their almost centenary Middle East policies.
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Solidarity Call For Kobanê

webicin2725Kobanê lies 160 km north of Aleppo, Syria’s biggest city, on the border with Turkey. Also, it is the capital of Kobanê Canton, the smallest of the three cantons established in Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan or Western Kurdistan).

Even though both Kobanê Canton and the city have been under siege by ISIS for almost two years, yet it was a safe harbour for the peoples of Syria since the beginning of the conflict. With the arrival of people fleeing the conflict, the city’s population grew about 5 times of 62.634, the city’s population according to the 2010 census. Continue reading