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Urgent Appeal to the UN on the Humanitarian Situation in the Kurdish Region of Kobanê (Ayn Al-Arab)


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In a time when the Kurdish people in Kobanê are encircled by an iron ring of tanks and artillery, facing heinous attacks by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS); we, as members of Parliament of the Republic of Turkey, from the Peoples’ Democratic Party, have since 22 September 2014 embarked on a hunger strike outside Palais des Nations, headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva.

From 15 September 2014 until today, the terrorist organization ISIS has systematically attacked the Kurdish enclave of Kobanê (Ayn Al-Arab) with thousands of fighters and advanced weaponry, including heavy artillery and tanks acquired in Mosul from the Iraqi army.
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HDP MPs on hunger strike in front of the UN Office at Geneva

wpid-wp-1411564136844.jpegDTK (Democratic Society Congress) co-president and HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) Şırnak deputy Selma Irmak, Van MP Kemal Aktaş, Istanbul MP Sebahat Tuncel and former MEP Feleknas Uca, a current member of the executive board of the DTK, have started hunger strike in front of the United Nations Office at Geneva to call attention to the ongoing attacks of ISIS gangs on the Kobanê Canton of West Kurdistan.

Speaking at a statement to the press here, HDP Şırnak MP, Selma Irmak, said the silence of international organizations and INGOs concerning the humanitarian tragedy in Rojava essentially in Kobanê was unacceptable. Continue reading