HDP Deputies: Parliament must be recalled to debate ISIS attacks


HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) MPs have demanded that the Turkish Parliament be recalled on account of the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Sinjar as a result of the ISIS attacks.

HDP Istanbul MP Sebahat Tuncel and Mardin MP Erol Dora organised a press conference yesterday in parliament to draw attention to the ISIS attacks in Sinjar.

Tuncel said Kurds and a significant number of Turkmen were facing the threat of ISIS assaults, underlining that these attacks needed to be placed on the agenda in Turkey. She added that there had been no response to allegations that many people from Turkey had joined ISIS, adding: “We call on the government, state and parliament to do its duty. Thousands of people are hungry and thirsty and facing ISIS attacks. There must be an extraordinary meeting of Parliament to discuss what needs to be done. We call on the international community, ISIS must be expelled from the Middle East.”

Tuncel added that the AKP government had taken no steps to prevent ISIS, saying: “It is suspicious that, despite it having such good relations with South Kurdistan, it has taken no action. We are waiting for an answer from the Prime Minister. Do you consider ISIS to be a terrorist organisation or not? We expect civil society organisations and the opposition in Turkey to show the necessary reaction to the massacre in Sinjar.”

Syriac MP Erol Dora said that ISIS had bombed places of worship in the region, adding that ISIS attacks shamed humanity and that it was unacceptable for people to be killed on account of their beliefs. Dora said: “many women and children have been murdered. The Turkish government has said nothing. Governments must condemn such things and support the people.”

Tuncel also drew attention to the resolution process, saying that it should not be sacrificed for the sake of elections. Sebahat Tuncel added: “We expect action from Beşir Atalay (deputy PM), not words. It is time for action, people in Turkey can no longer tolerate the failure to take steps. Nothing has been implemented.”


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