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DIE LINKE Supports the Candidacy of Selahattin Demirtaş and Wishes Him Much Success for the Presidential Elections


dielinkeDear friends,

Erdoğan had shown with his authoritarian poiltics and his appearance, that he can never represent the diversity and the pluralism of Turkey. Above all he does not stand for a democratic Turkey, but a Turkey of corruption, of neoliberalism, of oppression and unfreedom. Also his opponent İhsanoğlu, who was fielded by CHP and MHP is no good choice for Turkey. He is the voice of the nationalists, who do not recognize the rights of the Kurds and whose image of Turkey has not changed since 30 years, who think conservative and authoritarian.
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State Channel Network TRT is Committing a Crime!


The claims made by the state channel TRT head İbrahim Şahin regarding the airtime of the three presidential candidates are misleading and false.

In his latest statement, Mr. Şahin himself revealed that Mr. Demirtaş has been allocated on air television time only as of July 11.

This part of his statement alone gives away that TRT has been violating the ‘equal treatment to all candidates’ protocol as of June 29, the day the candidates were announced.
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The Attacks on Gaza Must Be Ceased Immediately

Mideast Israel Gaza War

Hundreds of women and children have lost their lives In Gaza as of July 7, the day the air strikes began. The decision to carry out ground operations only increased the amount of civilian casualties. The catastrophe in the region has turned into an atrocity.
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We Will Not Forget the Sivas Massacre


sivas2Twenty years ago, an inhumane massacre took place that targeted the mostly Alevi intellectuals, writers and artists who were staying at Madimak Hotel in Sivas for the Pir Sultan Abdal Festival.

Sivas Massacre represents only one of the many massacres that peoples from various ethnicities and beliefs both in Anatolia and Mesopotamia were targeted by. The massacres of Dersim, Kocgiri, Malatya, Ortaca, Maras, Corum, Gazi and lastly Gezi were all plotted by the same efforts to rid peoples’ identities from the society. This massacre of 1993 that left 35 people dead took its place in history among the many mass murders that targeted the Alevi population. Continue reading

Peoples’ Candidate for Change: Selahattin Demirtaş


HDP held a press conference at Neva Palas Hotel in Ankara to announce its Presidential Candidate. The banner “Peoples’ Candidate for Change: Selahattin Demirtaş” welcomed the members of the press. HDP MPs Ibrahim Binici, Demir Celik, Faysal Sariyildiz, Pervin Buldan, Idris Baluken, Hasip Kaplan, Gulser Yildirim, Halil Aksoy, Mulkiye Birtane, Erol Dora, Adil Kurt, Sebahat Tuncel, Sirri Sureyya Onder, Altan Tan, Husamettin Zenderlioglu, DTK Co-Chair Aysel Tugluk, independent Van MP Kemal Aktas, Mardin Co-Mayor Ahmet Turk, KESK Chair Lami Ozgen and Human Rights Association Chair Ozturk Turkdogan were present at the conference.
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