French Communist Party: Mining Disaster in Turkey


In the town of Soma , a terrible mining disaster just happened . Hundreds of workers have lost their lives . Others are injured or still buried .
The FCP sends its condolences to the families and expresses its solidarity with all workers in Turkey. Lives can still be saved and we hope that every effort will be made .

Unfortunately , this new drama is a continuation of recurring dramatic accidents. For a decade , the AKP has committed the country to capitalist globalization forced march . This has resulted in privatization , deregulation and a drastic reduction of rights for all employees. Meanwhile, the Turkish employers builds considerable fortunes . At Soma , it is the blood of miners.

FCP expresses its indignation and anger. There is a parliamentary inquiry was requested 15 days. Nothing has been given by the government and employers . Worse, they do not mask their arrogance in speaking of a ” twist of fate ” and manipulating media enslaved.

The same policies produce the same effects everywhere . Neoliberalism and austerity policies plunge Europe into chaos. We must put an end to privatization and social dumping. Those responsible must be brought to justice .

May 15, 2014


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