Long Live May Day!


maydayWith the warmth of the Newroz fires and the spirit of Gezi,


May Day has been celebrated for 124 years now in remembrance of the murdered American workers in struggle for eight-hour workdays. However, the working conditions of our day still resemble those of 124 years ago.

Most of the workforce is being employed for no insurance coverage and cut-rate wages under economically unsustainable conditions. Most workers work between 10 to 12 hours a day. Under the pressure of unemployment and poverty, many workers are being forced to agree to temporary and part-time jobs or private contractor agreements. Women still suffer from unequal treatment and unsafe work environments. Every month, approximately 100 workers lose their lives on site. The numbers of those who suffer from “occupational injuries” and left dead or disabled are immeasurable.

Despite these figures, the ministers of this government still claim, “our workers can work 15 or even 16 hours a day for Turkey’s development”. The prime minister still bases the minimum wage on loaf of bread figures. The fact that more than 12.000 workers have lost their lives over the span of the 12 years of AKP government showcase the atrocity of AKP’s labor policies.

Today, the laws of capitalism benefit and protect the capitalist not the working class. The system breaks the working class movement in line with cultural, religious, linguistic and ethnic divides and feed conflict between these groups.

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) is taking the streets on May 1st determined to create a world where there is no room for war or exploitation.

Join HDP on May Day to:

-Put an end to temporary, part-time and contract agreements and develop safe and socially insured working agreements,

-Ensure the payment of severance allowances and unemployment insurance benefit,

-Gain the right to education in native language.

-Construct a peaceful, equal and democratic solution for the Kurdish issue.

-Eradicate the unequal treatment of women and LGBTI individuals,

-Not become one of the next victims to another on site death,

-Warrant no child workers are exploited again,
-Protect your Social Security and Health Insurance benefits,

-Ask the government about what they have stolen from us for years only to fill their own pockets,

-Freely use your right to a syndicate and collective bargaining,

-Say NO to pro-government syndicate that legitimize the atrocious labor policies of the government,

-Say NO to the privatization of fresh water resources and our nature,

-Protect the water, the forests, the agricultural lands, the shores, and the natural resources from the capitalists and put an end to the boundless exploitation of our nature,

-Identify the true perpetrators of and those responsible for the Roboskî massacre and police brutality during Gezi Resistance

-Say NO to an imperialist war scenario backed by international capital and the Turkish government in Syria and in the Middle East.

Join HDP on May Day to construct an equal, free and peaceful world!



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